Computer Upgrade Policy

Computer Upgrade Policy.

University Technology maintains a budget intended to provide each eligible Full-Time faculty and staff member with a university standard desktop. By submitting this upgrade request, you will initiate a review process to determine whether your computer is eligible for upgrade at this time. Computers are usually upgraded on a five year replacement cycle. While we endeavor to complete the upgrade process as quickly as possible, the entire process may take three months depending on current computer inventory, order/shipment status, workload, and the number of pending requests.

Costs for computers and printers for Part-Time employees, contractors, student employees, and public station(s) are the responsibility of your department, as are any available extra features. If you wish to make a departmental purchase of a computer to be used for the above purposes, please complete the Computer Purchase Form instead.

Please go to Upgrade Equipment Request to fill out the upgrade request. You must be logged in to complete this request form. Please note the following about filling in the fields for your request ticket:

  • The Summary should read “Upgrade Request for First Last“, where First and Last reflect the name of the person receiving the upgrade.
    • A description of the current equipment, most especially the computer/monitor/printer manufacturer, model and serial number.
    • If this upgrade coincides with a new hire or replacement, please state this and the name of the person replaced, if applicable.
    • The time frame during which you hope to receive this upgrade or the start date of the new employee.
    • Any changes or special requests, such as an upgrade to a portable device or change to the standard configuration. Please note: Any costs above the allocated upgrade amount will need to be covered by your department. Any changes to the configuration will increase fulfillment time.
    • If you requested any changes, please provide a Banner Fund, Org, Account and Program Code.The Description should include the following information:

    Our standard computer is a Windows-based desktop with monitor or a Windows-based laptop.  In lieu of a Windows-based computer, an Apple computer can be selected as an upgrade. Again, please allow for as much time as possible to fulfill all requests. We have seen some orders take three months to fulfill.

    If you have any questions about whether you will be able to use specific administrative apps, please visit the What do I need to run my application? page on U-KNOW. If you have any questions about being able to use a Mac after consulting this page, please consult with the Enterprise Technology Center or your supervisor to ensure that you will be able to do your work effectively.

    If you would like to check the status of an existing upgrade request, please look at for your ticket.