Computer Loaner Policy

Computer Loaner Policy.

  • Loaners are available on a limited basis to students, staff and faculty of Drew University. They are issued to students whose computers are being repaired through Drew under ThinkPad Protection or AppleCare warranties. Students with computers not purchased through Drew’s recommended laptop program can request a loaner at the rate of $5 a day for up to two weeks. For faculty and staff, University Technology provides loaner computers when they are available, and only if a FOAP is provided.
  • A photo ID must be presented at time of pickup and delivery of a loaner.
  • Loaners must be picked up within 5 business days of issuance or requested start date or they will be rescinded.
  • If the supply of loaner computers is low, loaners may be limited to students who have a specific academic reason for computing use.
  • If contacted by UT, loanees have two days to respond to requests for action or information before being charged.
  • Students can keep a loaner for a maximum of two weeks.
  • Faculty/staff: If you need to request more than one loaner at a time (such as for an event), you MUST contact the UT Service Center (x4357) and log a ticket so that a full-time staff member can discuss the request with you.
  • University Technology offers loaner computers, as explained above. We do not have and cannot provide loaner power cords/chargers, batteries, or other peripheral adapters or accessories.

Policies on Loaner Return

  • Upon receipt of the customer’s computer from the manufacturer, the computer will be checked to make sure it is functional. The customer will be contacted and will have 2 business days to return the loaner to the University Technology Helpdesk.
  • Drew users are responsible for checking their voice mail (or, if requested at time of loaner’s issue, email) for notification of repair completion and then have 2 business days to return the loaner. If there are extenuating circumstances and the customer cannot pickup their computer in this time, customers should contact the Helpdesk to make alternate arrangements. Failure to do so will result in a $10-per-day fee that will be placed against the student’s account or departmental account, as appropriate. Fees will not be assessed for days that the UT Helpdesk is not open.
  • Returns must be made to the UT Helpdesk.
  • Loaner users take full responsibility for securing the loaner from damage, loss or theft, and agree to pay the full cost of repair or replacement of the loaner for any damage, loss, or theft not covered by warranty.
  • Customers are responsible for the safe return of all components signed for on the original receipt of their loaners. Any missing or damaged parts will be billed to their account at cost of labor and replacement plus 10% or $10, whichever is smaller.
  • Any data left on the loaner computer will be erased and the configuration reset for the next loaner user. We will not guarantee the storage or restoration of data from the loaner, but will provide assistance in transferring data from the loaner to the user’s network drives or the user’s computer upon or before the return of the loaner.

Click here to fill out a Loaner Request for FACULTY/STAFF.
STUDENTS should refer to the email received when dropping off their computer at the Helpdesk or should fill out a STUDENT Loaner Request here.