CommonsCon 2017

CommonsCon 2017.


Instructional Technology would like to thank everyone that participated in CommonsCon. All of the hard work and dedication put forth by the Drew community made it another successful year.

Keynote Speaker at 2pm:

Beth Ritter-Guth
Union County Community College

“They Ain’t Dead Yet: Old Games in the New Classroom”
Do Jeopardy and Oregon Trail still work for the college classroom? Are there other “old” games that are still useful? What new games are out there? What can be done online to engage students? This interactive presentation will challenge you to rediscover classic games and determine their usefulness in the College classroom while introducing you to new games and environments where students can be challenged to learn course content through gaming.

Video of Beth’s Talk

Additional Presenters:

Minjoon Kouh
Drew Robotics Club

“The mission of the Drew Robotics Club is to promote the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) on the Drew University campus. We are a group of inspired individuals that use our imagination and knowledge learned in the classroom to build exciting projects. Our club is committed to staying up to date with the latest technology by learning about it or getting a chance to use it. DRC is open to all students, and no prior experience is needed.”


Stacy Fischer
Candiotti Fund Winner – Semester in Communications and Media

The Semester on Communications and Media is grateful for a grant from the Alan Candiotti Fund for Innovation in Technology and Education to purchase a wireless tourguide headphone system. From historic Madison Avenue to Silicon, the Semester on Communications and Media brings students into the heart of it all, to learn from professionals in the fields of communications, public relations, advertising, and media. A highlight of the program is the site visits to advertising agencies, public relations firms, digital and traditional media organizations, and publishers. One of the challenges during these visits is the inability of all students to hear the guest speaker in a crowded or noisy location, or on a tour where the speaker must maintain a low voice so as not to disturb others. In many cases, students miss out on valuable information simply because they are too far away from the speaker to hear well. A simple solution to this problem is the use of a wireless tour guide headphone system. The body-worn wireless transmitter broadcasts the guest speaker’s voice to everyone in the group at a comfortable conversation speech level. Students can hear regardless of ambient noise, can enjoy the visit without having to stay close the guide and won’t miss on the educational experience.


Barry Burd
Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is a web-conferencing solution that provides both video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities. Its high-quality and easy to use format has made it a great solution for Drew University’s web-based video and audio conferencing services.


Loren Kleinmen
Center for Academic Excellence


Ginny Palmieri
Swank Motion Pictures

Drew subscribes to the Swank database, which provides access to streaming films.  You can see what films are currently available by going to our Research Resources page at, and clicking on S for Swank.  Swank works through our EZ-Proxy, so you can view films from on- or off-campus as long as you are logged in to your Drew account.


Carolyn Parelli
SEED Program

The goal of the SEED program is to provide opportunities for our student employees to enhance their skill set, knowledge base and leadership potential so they can excel not only in the student workforce and in their future career. The SEED programs gives students the chance to attend free, one-hour workshops on a variety of topics related to employment and work/life balance. .. Benefits for students: Turn campus employment into a personal and professional development opportunity Learn to connect student job to your career goals Discover valuable resources available to students across campus Be able to list Student Employment Education and Development on heir resume Be recognized during national Student Employee Appreciation Week.


Sloane Drayson-Knigge
Digital Storytelling


Jennifer Heise
ForestWorks & ArtSTOR Shared Shelf

Scholarly Repositories Drew now has ‘institutional repositories’ to showcase, distribute and archive digital scholarship. ForestWorks (Digital Commons) can host online journals, conference proceedings, digital/digitized books, and, with SelectedWorks, individual faculty profiles & scholarship. SharedShelf (Artstor) is a tool for organizing, cataloging, and publishing collections of images with complete metadata.


Drew Activities:

  • Retro Gaming
  • Minecraft
  • VR Vieweres
  • Also register to win a smart watch!