CommonsCon 19


CommonsCon 19

Academic Escape Rooms – Nicole Pinto-Creazzo & Jenna Corraro

Presentation 1:30 pm

If you are curious about free educational technology tool that you could incorporate into your curriculum, come join us in this fun (and challenging!) “escape room” (a.k.a. “Breakout) session. Not only will you be introduced to free digital tools, but you will also get a hang of the different types of strategies to conduct your own Breakout/Escape Room, as well as improve collaboration, communication, inferencing (and more!) skills. Breakout Scenario (may be subject to small changes): Your department is pushing for you to teach digital tools in your classroom, but is not willing to provide you with any funding, nor are you able to obtain a grant to fund it. Your department is in the middle of streamlining the curriculum so that students will be able to have a standard skill set for the next year. It is up to you and your fellow colleagues to decide on some free tools before submitting your proposal to the department chair. They told you this news on the last day before the semester ends, with only 30 minutes until the deadline of the proposal is due. You have 30 minutes to come up with tools or your department will not be able to meet the program’s objectives.


Film Boot24 – Amy Haines

FilmBoot24 is a Young Filmmakers Weekend Bootcamp & Film Festival. This program is a collaboration of community educators and artists that focus on at-risk students. High school students from Orange, NJ, are matched in teams with Drew students, staff and faculty, along with professional writers, filmmakers, and artists who will act as mentors. Each team has 24-hours to produce a short film, based on a theme assigned to them. Judges review submissions and select finalists which are presented at the film festival and screening.

Web of Science – Kathy Juliano

Discover, access, and write with confidence

Web of Science is your entry point to high-quality journal and conference literature in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Web of Science connects you and your students to research you can trust. Quickly pinpoint influential papers and access peer-reviewed Open Access versions of papers from the platform. Stop by to learn more about tools that support your research and teaching efforts.

  • Web of Science: discover journal articles and conference papers
  • Kopernio: access full-text PDFs in one click
  • EndNote: collect and cite references with ease
  • Publons: showcase your scholarly contribution and learn about peer review

DIY VR Headsets – Jenna Corraro

Voice Thread –  Nancy Vitalone-Raccaro & Brandie Waid

Moodle – Loren Kleinman

Digication -Peter McLellan

Domain of One’s Own -Danielle Reay

Swivl – Shawn Spaventa