Applying for an Award


Applying for an Award

Applying for an Internship Award

Please fill in the form below completely and accurately; inaccurate or incomplete submissions may result in a delay of aid disbursement.

1. Application

Be sure to read the description for each award carefully - certain awards may require additional essay responses. Please read below for a complete description of each award; Choose the award(s) you consider to be the best fit for your internship; funds will be distributed based upon availability per term.

2. Essay

Please prepare an essay, between 250 and 500 words, including the following information:

  1. Identify where you intend to complete your internship and briefly describe your work responsibilities.
  2. Explain why your internship would be a valuable experience and how this internship relates to your future goals.
  3. Please read the internship award descriptions and describe why your internship meets the criteria for the award(s) you are applying for.
  4. Describe how you intend to use the funding, if granted. (for example: transportation) Please be specific when detailing the amount of funds needed to complete your internship.
  5. If your internship is required please explain your financial need for the committee’s consideration.

3. Estimated Expenses Worksheet for Internship Awards

Transportation Expenses:

Please fill out the fields below to detail the expenses (including total amount) of your internship. Be sure to use actual costs and be specific. (Note: the total amount of your request is not guaranteed to be awarded)
(ex: bus, train, PATH, subway, car)
(In dollars)
(In dollars)

Other Expenses

(ex: background check, parking) Please be specific when providing information.
(In dollars)
(In dollars)
(In dollars)

Total Amount of Internship Estimated Expenses:

4. W-9 Form

Please upload a completed copy of the W-9 form, which can be found here:
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 5.12MB