What Constitutes a Drew Program?

 A “Drew program” includes trips and programs that are offered to or benefit members of the Drew University community, including faculty, staff, students and/or guests.  In order to determine whether a program constitutes a Drew program, a variety of factors are considered, including:

  • Is the program financially supported by the University?
  • Is the trip, activity or program actively promoted on campus through means of public announcements including, but not limited to campus-wide emails, website postings, posters or other advertisements?
  • Do the participants in the program actively solicit financial support on campus?
  • Does the program make use of the name “Drew University” in the description of its purpose or activities?
  • Does the program make use of University services such as the Business Office, Registrar’s Office, Office of Student Activities or Office of International & Off-Campus Programs?
  • Is the activity affiliated with an established University entity, such as a credit bearing course, graduation requirement, the Center for Civic Engagement, Drew’s athletic program or the alumni office?
  • Is the program led by University employees and/or involve participants drawn from the University community in such a way as to create the appearance that it is sanctioned or sponsored by the University?

If the answer to any one of these questions is “yes,” then the program is considered a “Drew program” and will be subject to all policies and procedures established for international and off-campus programs at the University.  Additionally, programs that create an appearance that they are sanctioned or sponsored by the University must be reviewed by the International Travel Oversight Committee to determine if they must comply with Drew’s policies and procedures.

Last Updated:  September 2012