The International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) ensures that a consistent set of travel standards is followed by all units of the University.  The Committee sets policies that apply to health, safety and risk management issues for all international travel that is sponsored in any way or funded in any part, by Drew.  It also reviews and makes decisions on appeals to those policies.   The ITOC is chaired by the Director of the Center for Global Education who reports to the Vice President of Campus Life and Student Affairs.  Committee members consist of representatives from across campus, including administrators, faculty members and international travel and risk specialists.

The role of the ITOC is twofold.  First, the Committee develops guidelines and policies designed to maintain the health and safety of Drew University faculty and staff who study or conduct research, community service, and/or business internationally.  This includes:

  • assessing levels of risk inherent in countries or regions for which there are significant health or safety concerns and where University-related programs and travel are occurring or may occur;
  • reviewing and approving proposals and/or petitions that address  health and safety concerns for education abroad activities involving Drew students, faculty or staff;
  • suspending an education abroad activity when a significant health hazard or safety concern is raised, either before a program starts or while it is in process.

Secondly, in the event of a crisis affecting the health, safety or well being of students, faculty or staff while participating in a Drew education abroad program, the Committee will serve as a Crisis Response Team to assess the situation, provide support to the program participants and develop and help implement the appropriate crisis response plan.

The Committee will meet at least once annually to review policies and procedures; it will also meet as necessary to evaluate Drew-sponsored activities abroad when a significant health or safety concern is raised.

The Committee will make recommendations regarding policies and appeals to the Provost.  Decisions of the Provost are final. 


Vice President, Finance and Administration
Vice Provost and Dean of the Theological School
Dean of Students
Senior Legal Affairs Coordinator
Director Campus Safety & Security
Director Center for Global Education

In addition, the Committee may call upon additional members of the University community to provide country, regional or situational expertise when necessary.  This may include, but is not limited to:

Director of Health Services
Faculty or staff with specific knowledge of the program location
University Chaplain
Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
Chief Communication Officer

The above named officials may delegate their responsibilities to others within their area of authority. Committee members may meet in person or electronically.

The Committee will make recommendations regarding policies and appeals to the Provost.  Decisions of the Provost are final.

November 2011
Revised: 12/2017