Extra Time On Exams For International Students

Extra Time On Exams For International Students.


Certain international students attending Drew University may be granted extra time on exams. The standard extra time allotted is 1.5 times the normal exam time. However, not all international students receive this allowance. Students eligible for the extra time under this policy include:

• INTO Pathway students during Year 1 and Year 2
• Directly admitted international students during Year 1 and Year 2 (credit standing less than 49) who were admitted with an applicable score on a standard English proficiency test (TOEFL < 94 or IELTS < 7 or SAT verbal < 500) or who place low on the English placement exam and are enrolled in EAP courses.
• Third-year international students by special arrangement:
• Students designated as College Special (extra term to improve academic standing)
• Students submitting an extra-time allowance request to the INTO Academic Director. Students must qualify for allowance due to demonstrated need based on prior academic performance issues. A student must also agree to utilize services of the Center for Academic Excellence to aid in overall academic improvement.

INTO Center at Drew will maintain and update a list at the start of each semester of students who are eligible for extra testing time according to these criteria. The list will be made available to all faculty and relevant staff at Drew.

International Student Testing Accommodation Request Form

This is only to be used by students who are eligible for extended time for language support and have their professor's approval for taking the exam at Tilghman. If you are not on the list but want to see whether qualify, please email John Jordan, INTO Academic Director (jjordan2@drew.edu), for an assessment.