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Pangea Intercultural Residential Community

Pangea is where I’ve met my closest friends here at Drew. We have had some fun cultural trips to Chinatown, out apple picking, and to the beach as well as hosted events for Dia de Muertos, the Moon Festival, and the Lunar New Year. We also have monthly meetings where we have conversations about understanding individuals and situations through different cultural lenses. Being a Chinese Studies Major, I am particularly interested in learning Chinese culture. Living in Pangea has allowed me to interact with international students from China who are able to provide me with their personal narratives of what Chinese culture means to them. It’s also exciting to teach international students about American cultural practices.”
Cameron Donnelly
Class of 2021

Attend Our Open House Events

Want a “free trial” before you commit to living in Pangea? No problem! We have a list of Open House Events below catered to introduce Pangea and its members to you. Please follow the links below to sign up.

Lunar New Year Celebration In China Town on Feb 17th

  • Visit the Museum of Chinese in America to know more about Chinese American heritage.
  • Watch the Lunar New Year Dragon Parade
  • Free Time to explore China Town

Dim Sum Cooking Expo on  March 16th

  • We invite current and prospective Pangea residents to join us to cook and eat assorted Dim Sum in the kitchen lounge on Haselton 3rd floor.

One To World Intercultural Communications Workshop on  March 23rd

  • One To World is a nonprofit organization based in NYC and provides meaningful intercultural exchange opportunities for international students. They are also experts in the field of intercultural competency training. This workshop will help our students gain valuable transferrable skills that will, in the future, empower them to seize more and better opportunities in a constantly globalizing world.

Madison Borough Hall Visit on March 25th

  • Have a quick civics lesson about how U.S. local government works
  • Tour the Borough building
  • Meet the Mayor and the elected officials
  • See and participate in a Council meeting

American Prom | April 26th

  • We are working with RAs from HERBS to host a prom on campus to introduce this signature American cultural event to international students who never got to experience it in high school. We hope that domestic students can show their hospitality and invite international students to the event as prom dates.

Pangea Open Office Hours | 4:30 - 5:30 PM on Wednesdays

Pangea Staff Eliza Wittman & Max Zhang hold office hours from 4:30 to 5:30 every Wednesday in the kitchen lounge on Haselton 3rd floor. If you are interested in joining Pangea for 2019 - 2020 or want to know more about the community and meet current Pangea residents, you are more than welcome to stop by for a fun chat!