International Ambassador Program.


International Ambassador Program

International Ambassadors with INTO Drew University

The mission of this program is to create a collaboration between domestic and international students through leadership and practice. In essence, International Ambassadors for INTO Drew University will have the chance to engage with new international students through meaningful programs, workshops, and New Student Orientation, and become student leaders for a diverse community of learners.

The International Ambassadors will participate in a variety of ways through the Office of Student Experience with INTO Drew, such as: being members of the Conversation Partners Program, leading events sponsored by INTO Drew, participating in the Global Village Learning Community with Residence Life, acting as the liaison between INTO Drew and the larger Drew community, and finally, assisting our Marketing and Recruitment Manager with INTO’s signature “familiarization trips,” which brings education counselors from around the world to learn about Drew and all the wonderful academic and student life the campus has to offer. Alongside these wide array of programs, the International Ambassadors will be the mentors for new and current international students to help them feel at home in the forest!

2017-2018 International Ambassadors

Aisha Arain C’20

Major: Undecided

United States of America

Favorite Food: I like all food! Bring it on!

Jose Caban C’18

Major: Business Studies, Minor: Studio Art

United States of America

Favorite Food: French Fries!

Mariia Chykulay C’19

Major: International Relations, Minor: Chinese


Favorite Food: I’m a huge fan of Asian food

Alison Dabrowski C’19

Major: Art, Minor: Linguistic Studies

United States of America

Favorite Food: Spicy Ramen noodles because it’s SO GOOD!

Darci Gautam C’19

Major: Psychology, Minor: Russian Language & Literature

United States of America

Favorite Food: Sushi because I really love all seafood

Dongyeol (Shin) Jang C’18

Major: Neuroscience

South Korea

Favorite Food: All spicy food!

Mona Ibadi C’18

Major: Political Science, Minor: Law, Justice & Society

United States of America

Favorite Food: Shrimp- no matter any way it’s made, I’ll eat it!

Sena Kaplan C’19

Majors: Music & Business Studies, Minor: German & Film and Media Studies

United States of America

Favorite Food: Indian food- I really enjoy curry!

Yeonjung Kim C’18

Major: Economics & Chinese, Minor: Mathematics

South Korea

Favorite Food: Korean style fried chicken because it tastes so much better than KFC!

Gabriel da Cunha Lima C’20

Major: Psychology, Minor: Neuroscience & Leadership for Social Action


Favorite Food: Anything…but rice and beans!

Kibugi Kamau (KK) Mbugua C’20

Major: Computer Science


Favorite Food: French Fries! It’s self explanatory!

Grace Odunsi C’20

Major: International Relations, Minor: Law, Justice & Society

United States of America

Favorite Food: Like many other IAs above me, I also love any and all spicy food!

Meg Opalka C’19

Major: History, Minor: Holocaust Studies

United States of America

Favorite Food: Pierogies- I enjoy cooking them and my friends love eating them

Jiranat (Rifle) Panichkarn C’18

Majors: Economics & Psychology


Giorgia Pereira Camacho Roque C’20

Major: Neuroscience


Favorite Food: Rice, meat and beans because it reminds me of home!

Emily Rosales C’19

Majors: Theatre Arts & Psychology


Favorite Food: Chocolate because when I’m down, it makes me happy

Marianna Goncalves Severgnini C’18

Major: Economics, Minor: Italian


Favorite Food: BBQ- no other place in the world can make as amazing BBQ as Brazil!

Nick Smale C’19

Major: Business Studies, Minor: Environmental Studies & Sustainability

Brazil & United States of America

Favorite Food: Rice and beans in Brazil…burgers in the U.S.

Sanjana Vishwanath C’19

Major: Psychology


Favorite Food: Donuts, but only Krispy Kreme because no other donut compares!

Foong Yee (Sheryl) Wong C’19

Major: Chemistry


Favorite Food: Curry because I enjoy the spice it brings to any dish