About DEI


About DEI

About DEI

The DEI Office operates under a paradigm of collaboration and effort-alignment. Because of this, each of our activities, programs, and services propose a collaborative approach to their implementation.

The DEI Office aims to learn further about the identification, definition, and description of measurable outcomes and assessment tools to inform progress in achieving intended goals. We know from training and experience that every effort requires benchmarks to inform progress and record achievements.

The potential to achieve community-wide transformation through the aligned efforts of the DEI Office and LAUNCH at Drew University is vast and unique. Few institutions have the capacity to rapidly, cohesively, and positively address equity and inclusion across the system like Drew University is set up to achieve.

Young leaders who challenge notions of human hierarchy and take on systemic racism and oppression while teaching new skills, engaging in inter-cultural dialogue, and working toward promoting and reaching equity and inclusion in our communities are already collaborating with the DEI Office at Drew. Will you join us? Please contact us at inclusion@drew.edu or directly connect with Dr. Sari Pascoe at spascoe@drew.edu

Campus Collaborations

The DEI Office collaborates across campus with units leading the vision and mission of the institution. This systemic approach to leadership promotes rich opportunities for learning and innovation.


Join the DEI Office efforts

The DEI Office has diverse opportunities for collaboration as we design and implement institutional infrastructure to address issues of equity and inclusion based on Drew's diversity. Most opportunities are for volunteers interested in shaping culture at Drew University and beyond. There are a few internship opportunities.

If you are interested, have questions, or can recommend resources for our consideration, please contact the DEI Office at inclusion@drew.edu or directly Dr. Sari Pascoe at spascoe@drew.edu