HR Director Search

We are happy to announce that the finalist for the position of Human Resources Director has accepted our offer to join Drew.  Please join us in welcoming Terri Demarest.  Terri comes to us from the College of St. Elizabeth, and will begin her job in mid-August.

Summer Fridays

Please remember that this Friday, July 26th, is our last “Summer Friday” of the year!  Sad but true!

New to Drew

Please join me in welcoming the newest members of our community who started in their positions in June.

Zachary Davis Asst Dir, Alumni Relations
Carolyn Madill-Pasqua Administrative Assistant
Sarah Seredych Trimmer Assoc Dir, Alumni Relations
Richard White Employer Relations Coordinator

Long Term Care

HR is in the process of establishing a Long Term Care benefit option with Genworth for all full-time faculty and staff.  This benefit will be introduced via employee meetings this fall and through home mailings. Drew will not be contributing to the cost of this benefit, but we are happy to be able to provide access to an otherwise difficult benefit to obtain.

On-Line Training

Drew has contracted with a new vendor to provide required on-line training for Preventing Sexual Harassment and Employment Discrimination in the workplace.  The insurance company’s requirement for all employees to take this training has not changed but the vendor has.  More details will be announced in a future HR News.

Performance Evaluations

By now each staff member should have received a written performance evaluation.  If this is still on your “to do” list, please don’t hesitate to get them done and sent to Human Resources.  Forms can be found on the HR Intranet.  Once you log in, click on HR Forms.  Scroll down to Staff Development.  The form is also listed here as a link.  All evaluations must be signed by the employee and the supervisor and sent to Human Resources.  Please make your own copies before sending them to us.

Total Compensation Study

The Sibson Total Compensation study is in its final stages.   We hope to have the project completed sometime in September.   We will keep the community apprised of milestones.  The most important phase is behind us, which included job description updates, and benchmarking.  Please note HR is still reviewing job descriptions.  We have not forgotten about you if you are wondering!  All preliminary job matches (benchmarks) will be verified and discussed with department heads and the President’s direct reports as needed.  Sibson is now working to develop a salary structure and job grading system.

In the future, any new positions in your organizations, or major adjustments to existing positions, will have to be documented using the Job Description Questionnaire.  Please contact HR for guidance on these occasions.

Beneficiary Information – Very Important!

Please verify that your beneficiary information is correct in  Your medical and dental benefits coverage is dependent on your records being accurate and populated in Treehouse.  Without this, your data will not be accurately reflected in the vendor database and you run the risk of being denied by pharmacies, doctor’s offices, etc.  Please take a moment to check that these records are accurate (names, birthdates, etc.)

Delta Dental Mobile App Launches

Members can now download an app for their Apple and Android devices to help manage their benefits and oral health while they are on the go.  The free app lets users easily search for participating dentists in their area, access their Delta dental ID card, and check their dental coverage.  It even includes a handy toothbrush timer so they can make sure they brush long enough!  Look for the app in both the Android and Apple app stores.

Retirement Counseling

TIAA-CREF will have their Drew Representative on campus during the following days:

  • September 26, October 18, November 21, and December 16

You must schedule an appointment with TIAA-CREF by calling 1-800-732-8353 if you would like to see them on any of these days.

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