Please read over the guideline for a room change.  Each step must be completed  in the order listed.  No room change can occur within the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters, however, the Housing Office may do administrative room changes during these periods.

Office Locations/Phone Numbers

Housing Office- Carriage House (grey house next to turf field), 973-408-3681
Residence Life Office- Hurst 14, 973-408-3394

Step 1- Room Change Information

The first step in the room change process is determining where you would like to move.  If you already know the hall, room and roommate that you would like to relocate you can complete the on-line Room Change application. If you do not know where to move contact the Housing Office at 973-408-3681 or  Various housing options will be given to you based on current vacancies within the residence halls.  You will be given the chance to contact residents with vacancies in their room and, may choose to meet with them to determine compatibility or, you could have the Housing Office determine the best fit for you based on the roommate compatibility questions on the housing application.

Single rooms are offered to students on the Wait List which is prioritized seniors, juniors, etc.

Step 2- Housing Form

Once you know where you would like to move complete the Room Change form.

Step 3- Approval Process

Once you complete the Room Change form it will be sent to your current Resident Director, then the Resident Director of the residence hall that you are hoping to move for approval.  Next, it will be sent to the Housing Office for final approval.  The process typically takes two full days to process but may take longer.  Do not move until you have received final approval from the Housing Office.  If you have not heard anything regarding your room change request you may contact the Housing Office or the Resident Directors.

The Resident Directors areas of responsibility are:

Tolley/Brown James Ramey,  973 408 3489
Welch/Holloway Deshawn Cook, 973-408-3405
Foster, Hurst, McClintock, McLendon Christine Feil, 973 408 3230
Asbury / Hoyt Jovin Fernandez, 973 408 3431
Haselton / Eberhardt / Riker / Baldwin / Theme Houses Joseph Mercadante, 973 408 3267

Step 4- Housing Office Approval

Once the Housing Office approves of your move an email will be sent to you.  Again, do not move until you receive this email. The Housing Office will notify other offices of your move and inform the resident of the room that you are moving so that they can prepare for your arrival.  Please note, you may have a deadline to complete your move.

Step 5- Roommate Notification

It will be your responsibility to notify your current roommate that you are leaving

Step 6- New Key Pick-Up

Once approved by the Housing Office, set up an appointment with the Residence Life Office (973 408 3394) to pick up the key to your new room.  Keys are given out during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Step 7- Room Condition Form and Key Return

In order to avoid a charge for improper room change, it is imperative that you complete the final steps of this process.  Make an appointment with the Resident Assistant of the room you have left.  This inspection should occur within 48 hours of when you have moved completely out. The RA will inspect the room and have you sign the Room Condition Report for this room.  It is in your best interest to complete this process so that any subsequent damage to the room will not be charged to you.  The last step is the return of the key to your old room.  Again, this is in your best interest in order to avoid a lock change charge.

Note: So that you do not disturb your new roommate, move-in must occur between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.