The Housing Commitment Agreement

Based on SGA recommendation, the Housing Commitment Agreement was created to help maintain the fairness of the Lottery/Room Selection process. Prior to completing the housing application you must agree to the Housing Commitment Agreement. Basically, the Housing Commitment Agreement acknowledges a student’s obligation to occupy his/her selected housing choice for the following academic year. In other words, if a student selects Baldwin 000 as their housing pick, they have agreed that they will live in that room in the fall. Failure to honor the Housing Commitment Agreement will result in a fine of one-fifth the semester cost of the selected room. If you discover that you will not be able to occupy your selected room for the following academic year, you must cancel housing via email with the Housing Office.

A student who selects a room in one of the Suites (Foster, Hurst or McClintock) or McLendon Hall on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floor will be charged one-fifth of the semester cost of the selected room if he/she cancels their housing for the Fall semester at any time after making this selection, and before August 31, 2013. Also, he/she will be assessed one-fifth of the semester cost for changing to another room outside of the Suites or McLendon 2nd. 3rd, or 4th , floors after Room Selection and prior to the first day of fall semester classes.

A student selecting a room other than in the Suites or McLendon 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floors must cancel housing with the Housing Office, in writing, before June 1, 2013, to avoid a fine.

Important Components Of The Housing Commitment Agreement

Keeping the Housing Office informed of your situation helps avoid misunderstandings that may lead to a fine. You should follow up with the Housing Office as your situation changes. Notify the Housing Office if there is a chance that you may have to cancel housing over the summer.

A. Students who select rooms other than those listed below may withdraw from his/her housing assignment without penalty by June 1, 2013. Any cancellation after this date will result in a fine.

B. All student who select Suites (Foster, Hurst or McClintock) or, a McLendon Hall suite on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors and cancels housing after selecting this room and before August 31, 2013, will be charged for violating the Housing Commitment Agreement.

The fine for violating the Housing Commitment Agreement depends on the room chosen. The fine for each type of room is listed below:

  • Single- $842
  • Double- $720
  • Triple- $695

An appeal process exists for those students who feel that they have extraordinary circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am considering leaving Drew but am not 100% positive by the time of Room Selection?

If you are unsure of your plans, you may participate in Room Selection just in case your other options do not work out. You should indicate your potential plans on your Letter of Intent form, thus informing the Housing Office of your situation prior to Room Selection. The more information you communicate to the Housing Office regarding your situation the better your chance of avoiding a fine. Before going away for the summer, a letter to the Housing Office of the current situation is advisable.

Please Note: You should not sign-up to live in the Suites (Foster, Hurst or McClintock), Townhouse 27, 28 or a McLendon suite on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, floors if you are uncertain of your plans for the fall: Cancellation of housing at any time after Room Selection in these areas will result in a fine.

What if I find out after June 1, 2013, that I will not be attending Drew in the fall, will I still be fined?

Rooms other than Suites (Foster, Hurst or McClintock) or a McLendon suite on the 2nd. 3rd, or 4th, floors – If you have kept the Housing Office informed of your situation throughout the entire Room Selection process, then your fine may be reduced or waived by the Appeals Committee.

Suites (Foster, Hurst or McClintock) or a McLendon suite on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors – If you cancel housing after selecting this room and, before August 31, 2013, you will be charged one-fifth of the semester cost of the room you have chosen.  After August 31 you will be responsible for the entire housing cost.

If you discover after the deadline that you cannot return to Drew due to unforeseen circumstances (such as loss of financial aid), you can present your case to the Appeal Committee for consideration to waive or reduce the fine. You should provide any relevant information about your situation to the Committee

What if I forgot to inform the Housing Office of my plans to study abroad after June 1, 2013?

Without proper advance notice and communication, you will be fined. Though, every student has the opportunity to appeal his/her fine.

What if I was planning to study abroad and did not participate in Room Selection because I was afraid of being fined but later found out I did not get into any program?

Any student who does not participate in the Room Selection process and later discovers he/she needs housing is still eligible to apply for housing; however, the Housing Office cannot guarantee a requested or preferred assignment. The student can select a room among the vacant spaces. He/she may complete a Wait List form requesting a single room or preferred building.

What if I selected a double with a friend who then drops out after June 1, 2013, does anything happen to me?

The Housing Office will consolidate, at its discretion, any vacancy that exist or occur after Room Selection. The remaining student may be moved to another room or building if necessary. It is a student’s responsibility to ask roommates about their future plans in order to avoid possible problems. Keeping a vacancy in your room is NOT an option.

Please feel free to contact the Housing Office (ext. 3681) with any questions regarding the Letter of Intent, Housing Commitment Agreement, or Room Selection Process.