Living on Campus

First-year students will reside in double occupancy rooms and a few triples. Students are encouraged to decorate their rooms to make them personally appealing and to reflect their interests.  All windows have shades or miniblinds, and other window coverings are permitted.

How to Choose Your Roommate

First-Year students can choose a roommate for the fall semester; however, it is not necessary to choose a roommate.  Students who do not choose a roommate will be paired with a roommate based on the questions on the Housing Application.  Both perspective roommates must request each other via MyHousing between June 1st and July 5th.  Both students must first complete the Housing Application.  To request a roommate:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name and password, Select “Login”
  3. Select “Go to MyHousing”
  4. Select “Room Selection”
  5. Select “Roommate Selection”
  6. Fall (Year) select “Continue”
  7. Fill in the last name of the desired roommate and hit enter.

Both students must complete this process and choose each other in order for the request to be processed.

Note: Completing this roommate selection process does not guarantee that you will be paired together.


We encourage you to contact your roommate prior to your arrival on campus.  We suggest that you and your roommate make plans for such large common items as carpets, refrigerators, stereos, and televisions.


A bed frame, mattress, dresser, desk, desk chair, mirror, wastebasket and hanging space or wardrobes are provided in each room. Mattresses are extra-long measuring 35” x 80”.   All rooms have at least one window.

Wellness/Substance-Free Floors

  • Riker rooms 012, 014, 016 and 018
  • Baldwin- ground floor, rooms 013, 014A, 014B, 015, 017
  • Brown- first floor (first-year students only)
  • Tolley- first floor (first-year students only)

The wellness/substance-free floors were created to provide students with an environment free from the issues often associated with alcohol and drug use. Students who live on these floors must sign an agreement stating that they will not drink alcohol, smoke, or use illegal or illicit substances on the floor.

Predominantly First-Year Residence Halls:

All first-year residence halls are coed-by-room with roommates of the same gender sharing rooms within the hall.

Brown Hall

Brown is a coed residence hall that houses 154 students.  Double occupancy rooms measure 14’ x 10’6”, and triples are 12’4” x 20’6” with window dimensions of 36’ W x 63”L.  Several individual bathrooms are located on each floor. A Substance Free/Wellness floor is on the first floor. A large lounge connects Brown and Tolley halls.

Tolley Hall

Tolley is a coed residence hall with a capacity of 160 students. Double occupancy rooms measure 14’ x 10’ 6” and triples are 12’ 4” x 20’ 6”. Window dimensions are 36”W x 63”L. Several individual bathrooms are located on each floor. A Substance Free/Wellness floor is on the first floor.  A large lounge connects Tolley and Brown halls.

Holloway Hall

Holloway houses 139 students. Double rooms measure 14’ x 10’, and windows measure 44”W x 66”L. The Substance Free/Wellness floor occupies the third floor of Holloway Hall.  An air-conditioned lounge connects Holloway and Welch halls.

Welch Hall

Welch is a coed residence hall for 142 students. L-shaped due to walk-in closets, rooms are approximately 16’6” x 10’ 6”. Windows measure 44”W x 62”L.  An air-conditioned lounge connects Welch and Holloway halls.

Predominantly Upper-Class Residence Halls:

Asbury Hall

Conveniently located near the classrooms, Asbury Hall houses 56 residents.  Women reside on the first and third floors and men on the second.

Baldwin Hall

Coed-by-room, Baldwin houses a maximum of 95 residents. Single rooms measure 9’7” x 13’1”, and double rooms are 12’4” x 15’10”. Windows are 51”W x 70”L.  The ground floor is Substance Free/ Wellness.

Eberhardt Hall

This townhouse style facility is home to three theme houses; the Earth, Women’s Concerns, and the LaCasa Latina.

Haselton Hall

Haselton is coed-by-room for 91 students.  The theme houses, Umoja, Asia Tree and Spirituality occupy the second and third floors.  The third floor is non-theme house. Double rooms measure 16’ x 12’. Windows measure 53”W x 60”L.


A traditional, coed residence hall, Hoyt-Bowne houses 119 upper-class students in single and double rooms. The first floor is for men, the second and third floors are coed, and the fourth is for women.

McLendon Hall

Our newest residence hall is six stories tall and houses 159 students.  All rooms are double occupancy in either four or six-person suites.  The entire first floor is common space for meeting rooms, game rooms, lounges and a convenience store.  A section of the fifth floor houses our Balwin Academic Wing and the sixth is a quiet floor.

Riker Hall

Riker is a coed residence hall for 156 students in suite-style rooms with bathrooms. Single rooms are 8’ x 10’ and 8’ x 12’. Double rooms measure 12’ x 14’ and 12’ x 16’. Windows are 48”W x 54”L.

The Suites: Foster, Hurst and McClintock Halls

“The Suites” are coed residence halls with double rooms measuring 11’6” x 13’. Most suites accommodate either six men or six women in three double rooms, a common living room, and a bathroom.

Theme Houses

Six theme houses permit coed groups to explore their common interests as they live together: Asia Tree House, Spirituality, La Casa Latina; UMOJA, Earth, and Women’s Concerns. Theme House residents submit a separate application in order to be eligible for a particular house.

Interim Housing

The following buildings will be used for interim housing during breaks and vacations. Any student who selects a room assignment in one of these buildings will most likely have another student reside in his/her room over these periods.

Residents may make arrangements with friends who are staying over a break to live in their rooms.

  • Thanksgiving Break – Women’s Concern’s House
  • Winter Interim Break – Earth House
  • January Break – McLendon and the Suites (Foster, Hurst and McClintock)
  • Spring Break – Foster and McClintock


Bathrooms within all first-year buildings have soap and paper towel dispensers.  Many students also bring shower caddies for transporting their toiletries. Residents of Riker Hall, the Suites, Eberhardt and McLendon are responsible for cleaning their own bathroom; the University provides cleaning supplies and toilet paper.


Small refrigerators, 4 ½ cu.ft. or 7 amps are permitted in student rooms. You may bring your own or rent one through the Residence Life Office, which will supply pertinent information regarding rental options.

Residence Life Staff

Each residence hall has dedicated Residence Life staff members to respond to residents’ needs. Resident Directors (RDs) are specially trained, full-time University employees who supervise several residence halls and strive to make life in the residence halls pleasant and safe for all. Resident Assistants (RA’s) are undergraduate students assigned to floors of residence halls. Resident Assistants help to maintain a positive community atmosphere and are available to help fellow students with personal problems. All members of the Residence Life staff report to the Director of Residence Life, whose office is in Hurst 14.

Prohibited Items

For your safety, certain objects and substances that may cause bodily harm are not permitted in the residence halls:

  • air conditioners, ceiling fans
  • appliances exceeding 500 watts
  • firearms, fireworks, BB gun
  • bows and arrows
  • martial arts equipment
  • candles, incense
  • flammable paints, fuels
  • halogen lamps
  • microwave ovens, toaster, deep fat fryers, hot plates
  • space heaters
  • extension cords (circuit breaker strips permitted)

This list is by no means complete. If you have any questions about an item that may not be on this list, please call the Residence Life Office at 973-408-3394.  Suggested items to bring to campus are included with information about orientation.

Mail Room Hours

Students who expect packages upon arrival on campus can collect their deliveries at the Pepin Mail Room (located on the ground floor of the Pepin Bldg.). Open from 9 a.m. to5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, the mail room in Pepin will accept such deliveries after August 15, 2013.

What Should I Bring to Campus