1. Renters may not paint their apartment without permission from the Housing Office. Regardless, the walls must be left in the same condition and color it was found.
  2. The University requires prior approval for all pets before the lease is signed. Regardless, pets are never allowed to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of neighbors. And, outdoor cats are not accepted.
  3. There is a no smoking policy in all our rental units.
  4. Our bumping policy is as follows: “Renters will be subject to bumping based on the length of time they have been renting at Copper Beech. The longest-running occupant will be the first to be displaced, except no untenured full-time teaching faculty who have rented for fewer than six years will be displaced, and “public members with Drew sponsorship” would be bumped before “Full-time professional staff” irrespective of length of term”.
  5. Applications for Housing are obtained from the Residential Properties Coordinator after an employment offer has been accepted. Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis, with tenured track faculty having priority then non-tenure track faculty then staff.
  6. One month security is required prior to move in. Rent checks are due on the first of the month unless payroll deductions are applied.
  7. The Tenant may use the Apartment only as a private residence for family members.
  8. All leases end July 31st.
  9. Tenants must be concerned about the quiet enjoyment of their neighbors and keep noise at a minimum.
  10. The Tenant will not keep anything in the Apartment that is dangerous, flammable, explosive, or might increase the danger of fire or any other hazard.
  11. The Tenant may not put any sign or projection (such as a television or radio antenna) in or out of the windows or exteriors of the Apartment without the Landlord’s prior written consent.
  12. The Tenant may not sublease the Apartment.