$150 housing deposit must accompany this request unless we have a deposit in your account. It is nonrefundable if you cancel after June 1, 2011 for the June session. The check should be made out to “Drew University” and mailed to the Housing Office at the above address.

Housing is available in singles (a private bedroom) for 10 nights. Bedrooms are furnished with a bed, dresser, desk and chair for each student with a shared bathroom within a suite style arrangement. Students of the same gender will be assigned to each suite.

You will be provided with a linen packet that includes sheets and towels, and a pillow and blanket. A fresh set of bed linens and towels will be provided once during your stay. There will be 5 hangars in your closet, a bar of soap, and a plastic cup. When you vacate your room, it should be emptied of all belongings and trash should be removed. The beds should be stripped, and the sheets left on top.

Details on Check-in and Check-out will be provided prior to your arrival.

MFA Student Housing Application