The University makes its facilities available to the campus community for meetings and events. Departments, clubs, and organizations contact HCH to schedule meetings. Campus events coordinated here include lectures, films, receptions, seminars, luncheons, and dinners. This office will handle reserving space, arranging set-ups, and ordering food service, if needed. All events must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Getting Started

Step 1: Determining Accessibility Needs and Location of Event on Campus

Please be aware that if you are planning a campus wide event, the location of the event must be handicap-accessible. Guidelines are also located below for specific locations that are handicap-accessible and places that are not.

Guidelines for Accessibility

Please note that because Mead Hall is a historic building, if your event is scheduled to take place there the following restrictions will apply in order to maintain the preservation of the building:

  • Nothing is allowed to hang on the walls
  • No candles
  • No red wine
  • Only Aramark food may be brought in

Step 2: Planning an Event on Campus

If you are planning an event on campus, you are required to schedule a room or space (this also includes outside locations like Hoyt Lawn, outside the UC, the fields, etc.) with Drew’s Scheduling Coordinator at 973-408-3308. To schedule a room yourself go to

Faculty or staff members planning an event on campus may immediately call HCH to schedule an event.
Students planning an event on campus must first go to Student Activities and get a Program Planning Guide. Student-run events must also have a faculty or staff member present for the duration of the event.

Please note: Neither faculty, staff, nor students planning an event on campus are allowed to charge a set admission fee. The event may have an optional suggested donation, but there cannot be a mandatory charge.

Step 3: Service and Resources

  1. If you need tables, chairs, a stage, electricity, signs, etc., please call the Campus Events Coordinator at HCH (973-408-3037). There is often a charge for more time-consuming set up requests so please have an account number and be ready to discuss any possible costs.
  2. If you need audio/visual support (microphones, screens, projectors), please call the Media Resource Center (MRC, 973-408- 3342). Please note that there usually a charge for any MRC equipment use. Be sure to ask what the charge will be and provide an account number.
  3. If you’re expecting a large number of off-campus cars/people to come to your event, please call Public Safety (973-408-3379) in addition to calling HCH.
  4. If you need to arrange for food/beverages, please call ARAMARK(973-408-3893). Again, keep that account number handy.

Event Set Up Charges

Step 4: Publicizing Your Event on the Campus Calendar

About the Campus Calendar

The Campus Calendar is located at and consists of events Drew community members have chosen to publicize.

Entering Event to Calendar

Login into the Campus Calendar once you are in the calendar page, go to the upper left hand corner and click on “add and edit” this will bring you to a screen which will ask password, enter your “password”. You will now be on the calendar screen, go to upper left hand corner and click on “add your event” this will bring you to the add event sheet. Fill this sheet in and “enter.” When you go to the calendar your event should be published in the Campus Calendar.

Things to consider when planning an event:

Countdown Meetings

All complex events require countdown meetings prior to the event.


Aramark Dining Services is Drew’s exclusive caterer. All catered food and beverages ordered for events must go through Aramark. Goups may bring their own food for events, but there are instances during which only Aramark food may be used. Only Aramark food may be used at events that take place in Mead Hall.

Rain site

All outdoor events scheduled must have a rain site to be used in case of inclement weather.

Starting balance

All campus events get a $50 deductible from Facilities towards the cost of setting up an event. There is no rental cost for any equipment if we have it in our inventory but if you want a large number of tables or something special, it might need to be rented. The Event Coordinator can help you with that. The deductible usually covers the cost of setting up most events but larger events might incur an hourly labor charge. Tents must be rented through approved vendors – contact HCH before renting a tent for your event.

When in doubt about anything, ask. Some good resources are the folks at Student Activities (973-408-3454), ResLife (973-408-3394) and Drew’s Events Coordinator at HCH (973-408-3037).