The Department of Housing, Conferences, and Hospitality encompasses student housing operations, guest housing, residential properties, non-academic scheduling, event planning and support, and the conference program.

The mission of the department of Housing, Conferences & Hospitality is to provide excellent customer service to the University community and off-campus clients; to maximize use of all spaces on campus, to generate revenue from non-tuition sources, to increase traffic on campus, and through all these efforts, to promote Drew.

Undergraduate Housing

Undergraduate Housing is guaranteed for full-time undergraduate students in good standing who meet all housing deadlines. Housing for first-year students is predominately in double rooms on co-ed floors. In Addition to traditional corridor-style residence halls, suites, townhouses, and theme houses are available for upper-class students.

If you have questions regarding undergraduate housing, please call 973-408-3681.

Graduate and Theological Housing

A limited amount of housing is provided for full-time Graduate and Theological School students. Single students usually reside in single or double rooms located in suites or houses that have shared common areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. Small efficiency, large efficiency, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments are available for families and married couples. Student housing is not guaranteed for graduate or theological school students.

If you have questions regarding graduate or theological housing, please call 973-408- 3681

Residential Properties

Drew University provides a limited amount of residential housing for its faculty and staff. The apartments are located at Copper Beech on Loantaka Way and at # 15 Madison Avenue. The apartments are within easy walking distance to campus. These apartments are rented almost exclusively to qualified faculty and staff. New faculty and staff may contact the Residential Properites Coordinator at (973) 408-3058 for a housing application. All leases renew on July 30th. The University makes every effort to satisfy the needs of each applicant within our policies but reserves the right to make final decisions regarding housing assignments. Presently, there are no vacancies but we are accepting applications.

If you have questions regarding residential housing, please call 973-408-3058

Guest Housing

Guest Housing accommodations are available for visitors to Drew who are on University business. Guests must be sponsored by an academic or administrative department that provides an account number to confirm a reservation. HCH also administers a University townhouse and apartment complex near campus called Copper Beech for faculty and staff members.

If you have questions regarding guest housing, please call 973-408- 3037

Campus Events

The University makes its facilities available to the campus community for meetings and events. Departments, clubs, and organizations contact HCH to schedule meetings. Campus events coordinated here include lectures, films, receptions, seminars, luncheons, and dinners. This office will handle reserving space, arranging set-ups, and ordering food service. All events must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

For more information on how to schedule an event please call 973-408-3037.

Event Rentals

Looking for a special venue for your meeting, reception, or conference?  Drew rents administrative, academic, athletic and residential space on our conveniently-located and picturesque campus. Please note that, due to the university’s non-profit status, there are some restrictions on rental terms. Learn more about Event Rentals.

If you have questions regarding conferences and camps, please call 973-408-3559