Drew University Health Services has STI testing and treatment as appropriate available for all students at Drew.

Testing for a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) at Drew University Health Services is not anonymous. Students who want to be tested at Health Services should understand that testing and results are private and confidential. If you have your insurance coverage through the Drew sponsored plan, Health Services will submit your confidential claim on your behalf. All charges may not be shared with anyone besides the student and the insurer. However, if your testing fees are charged to insurance that is held by another person (guarantor) such as a parent, guardian, or spouse, testing may not be confidential. Insurance companies typically notify the guarantor of any charges applied to the policy. If a student has private insurance and prefers not to have the guarantor notified of STI testing, the student may pay Health Services directly to cover the expense of the test. DUHS can also provide treatment in the event that a result is positive for a STI. Once again, if the student pays for this directly, the information will not be shared with the insurer.


There are also testing sites outside of campus where students are able to have testing.  These sites may or may not have fees.  In Morristown Planned Parenthood has testing facilities and providers who can provide appropriate treatments if needed.  Free STI testing sites in NJ also are available for some services.