The College Health section includes topics of interest to college students such as understanding stress, relationships, sexual health, eating disorders, tatoos and piercing, links to other college websites and more. General Health includes links to national sites that will help you to learn more about disease and good health, as well as how to care for yourself. Sexual Health provides a range of information including STIs, Sexual Assault, Contraception etc. Alcohol and Other Drugs will link you to sites that deal with all aspects of addictions and their impact on individuals and families. Please let us know if you find a site particularly helpful, or if you would like to recommend a site that should be included.

On Campus Resources

College Health

  • Go Ask Alice – Maintained by Columbia University, this award winning, and popular college health site (with over 2.5 million visitors per month from all over the world) provides expert answers to five of the more than 800 health questions readers submit about sex, relationships and health topics. The Dear Abby of sexual health information. Highly recommended. All time favorite site of college students.
  • – NeedyMeds is the place to learn about patient assistance programs and other programs designed to help those who can’t afford their medicines. NeedyMeds is not a program. It’s an information source
  • Vaccine Information Statements – Information on required vaccinations in YOUR language.
  • Emergency Contraception Fact Sheet
  • Missed Pill instructions – very helpful information on what to do if you forget to take your oral contraceptive from the University of California at Davis
  • University of Colorado, Boulder: Health Center – This website includes links to 248 college health services worldwide. A listing of Health Information for Consumers provides a virtual goldmine of resource links on general health topics. There is a very comprehensive page of links to 17 online health screening and appraisals.
  • QuitNet – Free guide to quitting tobacco. Online support group, helpful links.
  • CDC Travel Page – This website offers travelers information on their destination country, health and vaccine recommendations for travel, and other useful information.
  • The Master Anti-Smoking Page – Describes software package to help you quit. Costs about $20.
  • Rohypnol – fact sheet from Virginia State University

Sexual Health

General Health

  • Morristown Medical Center Find a Doctor – always confirm insurance with office directly
  • Dental Clinics in New Jersey
  • – NeedyMeds is the place to learn about patient assistance programs and other programs designed to help those who can’t afford their medicines. NeedyMeds is not a program. It’s an information source
  • The AIDS Quilt – Information and statistics on the reknowned AIDS Quilt.
  • American Diabetes Association – Dedicated to the prevention and cure of diabetes, and to the improvement of the lives of all people affected by diabetes
  • – Consumer oriented guide for international travelers. Discusses vaccinations, food and water precautions, safety and security, travel and road conditions, and other helpful hints by country.
  • The Epilepsy Answer Page – Information about Epilepsy, and what to do in case of a seizure
  • The Sharing Network – Organ and Tissue Donation Services
  • Melanoma Information and Prevention – This site focuses on early detection of Melanoma by self-examination of the skin to detect the diseasewhile it is thin and curable.
  • Moderated Drinking – for people who want to change their drinking by moderating or cutting back
  • Mayo Clinic Health – Search the extensive library for articles pertaining to most important health issues. Also on this site is a weekly Q&A, with such questions as “Aluminum cookware – Is it safe?”
  • The Merck Manual – Now available free on the Internet, a manual of medical terminology and definitions.
  • Health World Online – A comprehensive site that features articles, discussions, and information about the benefits of staying healthy and fit.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – Articles, and general information about obsessive-compulsive disorders.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Better known for containing the outbreak of dangerous diseases, the CDC in addition have developed an informative website containing info. on travelers’ health and health issues in the news.
  • The American Heart Association – Dedicated to providing you with education and information on fighting heart disease and stroke.
  • National Women’s Health Information Center – Information on every aspect of women’s health from a wide variety of sources. Also includes a toll free number to call with questions, and information for providers of health care.
  • American Cancer Society

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Alcohol and Substance Use Education

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Spring Break Health Tips

If you are going to a party or heading out to a club:

  • Designate a driver
  • Make sure you have a buddy
  • Drink in moderation
  • Never leave a drink unattended
  • Never drink from a previously opened container
  • Take your cell phone and program emergency phone numbers in it

If you choose to be sexually active:

  • Please remember to use proper protection, this means using a condom during every sexual encounter
  • DO NOT rely on the other person to remember it
  • Be extra cautious when combining alcohol & sexual activity

Check below for information about emergency contraception, date rape and “club” drugs, roofies, and victim services. (See Sexual Health or Alcohol & Other Drugs)

Remember, the best Spring Break is one you can come home and talk about. Have fun, be safe!

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