Medications from the Health Service Dispensary

Both prescription and non-prescription medications purchased at the Health Service can be paid for with cash, check or the All-Campus card. (You must have funds in your bookstore account to charge on the All-Campus card). Students enrolled in the student insurance plan will not be billed for prescription medication dispensed at the Health Service (except travel vaccines) .

Medications from an Outside Pharmacy

If you have the student health insurance plan for Drew, medications obtained from our inventory will be covered in full.  If we do not carry the medication, or you wish to have it filled at another location, we will give you a written prescription to take to the pharmacy of your choice.  Madison Pharmacy (973-377-0075) is the closest to the campus in downtown Madison and they will deliver the prescription to campus. Students will need to call the Pharmacy in advance of delivery to find out the cost and to arrange payment. A CVS pharmacy is nearby but does not deliver medications. If you have prescription coverage through family insurance you should bring (or fax) a copy of the plan to the pharmacy who may then bill the insurance directly.


Medications available in the Health Service Spring 2016 Medication Fee Schedule