Medical Humanities, in its most basic connotation, deals with the intersection of human experience, medical practice, and scientific technology. The field transcends the disciplinary boundaries of academe and engages all aspects of human culture-science, history, ethics, philosophy, literature, religion, art-in a discursive dialogue centered on what medicine means in relation to the individual and society.

Thanks to a grant from the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, Drew has an opportunity to bring medical humanities to the clinical office and share an approach to treating patients that complements and enriches the clinical approach.

The demand for professionals who understand and can convincingly synthesize the ethical, historical, and practical aspects of medicine as they relate to the implementation, control and dissemination of health care continues to grow.

The Medical Humanities program is conducted jointly by the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies at Drew University and St. Barnabas Health Systems. It also partners with Atlantic Health Systems.