Drew’s got Two of the Top 15 Student Teachers in the State
Meet Anna Elson and Gaelan Johnson, Drew MAT program’s 2014 NJ Distinguished Student Teacher Award winners.

Drew’s MAT Program Earns Nat’l Accreditation, Offers 5-year Double Degree
Administrators of the Caspersen School discuss our 5 year National Accreditation award for the MAT program, what sets Drew’s MAT students apart from their peers and plans for the future of the MAT program..

NJ Student-Teacher Awards Three Years Running [Video]
Ted Johnson sits down with our first three NJ Distinguished Teacher Award winners to discuss the MAT program.

What Will Landing a State Award Do for a Job-Seeking Rookie Teacher?
2013 NJ Distinguished Student Teacher Award recipient, Rachel Preyess G’13 talks about her student teaching experience and finding a job as a recent graduate of the MAT program.

Tops at Teaching
Priscilla Sanches Salles G’12 and 2012 NJ Distinguished Teacher Award winner discusses her journey to the MAT program.

Head of the Class
The MAT program’s first winner of the NJ Distinguished Student Teacher Award 2011, Frank Sedita C’10, G’11 discusses the MAT program and being in the classroom.