Field Experience

M.A.T. students have three distinctive fieldwork experiences in area schools which span suburban, urban, and inclusive settings. Students’ responsibilities include observing and assisting teachers. Each field experience is directly linked to coursework and is 15 hours in length. Fieldwork is in conjunction with the following courses: Instructional Design and assessment, Working with Special Needs Students in an Inclusive Classroom, and Human Diversity or Adolescent Literacy.

Capstone Project

Students complete a Capstone Project in the Methods Course in the Fall Semeser. This project is based on the seminal curriculum work of leading specialists Wiggins and McTighe (2005). STudents are guided in learning the Learning By Design system (UbD) as they develop a curriculum plan which inlcudes identifying desired results in using a curriculum, determining acceptable evidence, and planning learning experiences and instruction. The UbD Template used to structure the project is provided here.

Student Teaching Internship

M.A.T. candidates engage in student teaching for fifteen weeks during the spring semester in approved partner school districts, under the guidance of cooperating master teachers and University supervisors. During the internship semester students adopt the school district’s calendar. In the classroom, students will have the opportunity to implement units which they have designed as part of the course work prior to student teaching. In conjunction with student teaching, interns take a professional seminar which is taught by University faculty on Drew’s campus.