In Progress

  • Pehr Englen – “Asger Jorn and the Situationists: Anti-Functionalism in Postwar Western Europe.”
  • Peter Mabli – “The Fate of a Nation”: American Foodways and National Identity in the Early Republic.
  • Peter Lee – “Casting Kids as Cold Warriors: Constructing Boyhood through American Films during the Early Cold War, 1946-1957.”
  • Anne Ricculli – “Imperial Coral: Documenting Shifting Perceptions of Natural Resources During the Victorian Ages, 1840-1910’s”
  • Hettie Williams – “This Garden of Opportunity and Contradiction: Black Professionals and the Struggle for Equality in New Jersey”
  • Michael Adams – “This is Your Brain on Drugs: The Advertising Council and the War on Drugs, 1969-92″


  • Paul Charbel – “On the Shoulders of New Utica:” The Sustainment of a Lebanese Community in Utica, New York.
  • Michael King – “Surrealism Exposed: Anticolonialism and Surrealism in Interwar France.”
  • Roger Lieberman – “The Evolution of Julian Huxley”
  • Emily Marlowe – “Perceptions of Nature and Technology at Carlsbad Caverns National Park.”


  • Niamh Hamill – “She Was A Poetess: The World of Mary Ann Allingham 1820-1836.”
  • Frank Viola – “The Neutron Bomb in America, 1975-1981”
  • Nicole Yanoso – “The Impact of Irish and Irish American Issues on American Presidential Politics”


  • Madera Edwards – “Somewhere in the Middle: The Story of Plainfield NJ and Race Relations of Inner Suburbia”
  • Daniel Moran – “The Total Mosaic”: The Reception and Reputation of Flannery O’Connor.
  • Erin Callahan – “I Am America Singing: Bob Dylan’s Identity Unified through the Common Linguistic Performance of the Personae in His Lyrics.”
  • Sarah Minegar – “Literary Utopias as Explorations in Human Ecology.”


  • Jeffery Blanchard – “‘The Common Man is the Common Hero': New Inclusive Definitions of War Poetry”
  • Michelle Iden – “Memory, Commemorations, and Irish-American Ethnic Identity in the United States: The Irish Famine Memorials in New York City and Philadelphia”
  • Robert Moore – “The Role of the New Jersey Protestant Clergy in the 1920s Ku Klux Klan”


  • Jenifer Gundry – “Print Culture in Utopia: A Study of Five Fin-de-Siècle Angelo-American Literary Utopias”


  • Stephen Butler – “Irish Writers in Irish America: The Evolution of Literary Culture and an Ethnic Identity, 1882-1998″
  • Kathleen Mueller – “Transcendental Teaching: The Best Practice Pedagogy of Alcott, Fuller, Peabody and Thoreau.”
  • Cheryl Ostreicher – “The Quest for Happiness: An Analysis of Joshua Loth Liebman’s Peace of Mind.”
  • Robin Mako Citerella- “Fact and Fiction:  The Woman Reader in Victorian England.”