The History and Culture program began in 2009. The degree program that History and Culture originated from was our Modern History and Literature (MHL) program. Composed here is a list of dissertation titles from our graduates in the last 5 years. Many of the titles which follow are from dissertations completed under the Modern History and Literature program.

In Progress

  • Asger Jorn and the Situationists: Anti-Functionalism in Postwar Western Europe
  • The Evolution of Julian Huxley
  • Flannery O’Connor and the Creation of Literary Reputation
  • Human Ecology in Literary Utopia
  • The Neutron Bomb in America, 1975-1981
  • Performing Bob Dylan
  • Somewhere in the Middle: The Story of Plainfield NJ and Race Relations of Inner Suburbia
  • This is Your Brain on Drugs: The Advertising Council and the War on Drugs, 1969-92
  • The Trails of Hubert Selby, Jr.’s Last Exit to Brooklyn


  • ‘The Common Man is the Common Hero’: New Inclusive Definitions of War Poetry
  • Memory, Commemorations, and Irish-American Ethnic Identity in the United States: The Irish Famine Memorials in New York City and Philadelphia
  • The Role of the New Jersey Protestant Clergy in the 1920s Ku Klux Klan


  • Irish Writers in Irish America: The Evolution of Literary Culture and an Ethnic Identity, 1882-1998
  • Print Culture in Utopia: A Study of Five Fin-de-Siècle Angelo-American Literary Utopias
  • Progressive before Dewey: The Best Practice Pedagogy of Transcendentalist Teachers
  • Reconciling Female Conflict: The Portrayal of Women Readers in Victorian England, 1850-1890
  • The Search for Happiness: An Analysis of Joshua Loth Liebman’s Peace of Mind


  • The Genovese Affair: Prologue to the Sixties


  • The Conservatism of the British Cavalry and Its Effect on the British Army in World War II
  • The Construction of Midwestern Regionalism in Sinclair Lewis’s and Louise Erdrich’s Novels: Regional and Cultural Influences on Carol Kennicott and Fleur Pollager
  • From Locke Toward Liberation: An Intellectual History of Blindness and Enlightenment Thought from the 1690s to Present
  •  SETI’s Scope: How the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Became Disconnected from New Ideas about Extraterrestrials


  •  Anatomy of a Classic: Crane Brinton’s The Anatomy of Revolution
  • The Beginning of Willa Cather’s European Journeys: Fourteen Travel Articles from 1902
  • It came from the Laboratory: Scientific Professionalism and Images of the Scientist in British Fiction , from Frankenstein to World War I