History and Culture is an innovative, interdisciplinary M.A./Ph.D. program exploring the relationship between ideas, cultural practices, and their political and social contexts in the modern world. Its curriculum and programming are dedicated to understanding the transformative power of ideas, their interaction with their broad environment, and the changing nature of knowledge, information, and discourse.

Involving a distinguished faculty from diverse fields, History and Culture provides a uniquely intimate learning and research environment. Drew’s beautiful campus is just miles from New York City, with its rich cultural and research opportunities.

Students are supported through of host of funding packages. They participate, at the PhD level, in teaching apprenticeships, with opportunities to teach their own courses. Through its PhD@Work program, History and Culture also incorporates a public humanities dimension, in which students may engage in service projects relevant to their areas of study.

Crafted to address 21st-century realities and challenges, History and Culture is built on rigorous intellectual inquiry and an awareness of both the institutional location of knowledge and the power of intellectual life to serve broad social goals.

The educational philosophy behind the History and Culture program is outlined in the article “Rethinking Graduate Education in History.”

- Jonathan Rose, Convenor, M.A./Ph.D. Program