Arts and Letters connects the adult student’s own human experience with the liberal traditions of the academic study of human experience broadly. Such connections increase knowledge of what people understand about one another in modes of culture across time. They free the student’s critical and creative responses to do their best work and to initiate their part in the widening of compassionate engagement with the world. In doing so, the program seeks to proceed from and to enlarge in our time the traditional sense of what it means to be a person of arts, an individual of letters.

For post-baccalaureate adults, the program offers a range of interdisciplinary study in literature, history, writing, psychology, music, art and religion/spirituality leading to the degrees of Master of Letters and Doctor of Letters. Drew’s Arts and Letters Program offers an alternative to traditional, discipline-specific graduate studies.

– Robert Ready, Director, Arts and Letters Program, and Dean of the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies