Team Projects.


Team Projects


Alyssa Amorim, Dakota Black, Pranati Borkhetaria, Mary Gambill, Megan Gray, Hannah Jin, Sean Pergola, Kelly Qiang, Michael Rosenberger, Aidan Smires, Kevin Tang and Nolan Vilim

Advisor: Dr. Lisa Jordan

Assistant: Molly Murphy, David Van Dongen


Objectives: To demonstrate the application of life cycle assessment (LCA) to firearms and ammunition in order to connect injury prevention and control research to scholarship in environmental and occupational health.
Methods: We collected data from the ATF on manufacturers, from the EPA and OSHA compliance databases, from the CDC detailed mortality tables, and from two state firearm law databases to explore the upstream and downstream impacts of firearms and ammunition.  Results: We identified significant environmental and occupational health violations among firearms manufacturers, and occupational health violations among shooting range facilities, most commonly related to lead emissions and exposures.  An exploration of the correlation between firearm deaths and state firearm laws revealed significant associations between all deaths due to firearms, and suicide deaths due to firearms, but insignificant results for firearm homicides.  Last, we found evidence that state implementation of Stand Your Ground policies is associated with firearm homicide rates that significantly exceed the national average.

Conclusion: The LCA approach to firearms and ammunition opens up new avenues for public health interventions that extend beyond traditional injury prevention and control research to include negative health outcomes attributed to environmental and occupational health hazards.

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