Experience the New Golden Age of Musical Theater

January 2017 | New York


Break into a world that is mysterious, daunting and unknown: the world of New York theater. Spend two weeks living in New York City and working daily on a staged reading of a new musical, collaborating with professional theater artists and educators in a workshop setting. After rehearsals, attend Broadway and off-Broadway performances with castmates and colleagues. Cap your New York adventure with a staged performance before a live audience. Bravo! You’ve become part of the no-longer-intimidating New York theater community.


Rehearsal and Staged Reading
Practice your craft alongside high-level theater artists, creating and developing a complex musical play in a professional rehearsal environment. Learn to collaborate in an ensemble and contribute as an actor, singer or dancer, or as an assistant producer, director, stage manager or marketing specialist. Refine or expand your talents, skills and career goals by testing yourself against the backdrop of the New York theater scene.

City and Theater Life
Learn to navigate life as a New Yorker and a member of its theater and dance community. Practice city skills, traveling by subway and discovering that great little coffee spot. Bond with the theater community, working with established artists and gathering tips of the trade. When rehearsal ends, meet friends for dinner and a show before heading home to your room in university student housing.


Mentored Professional Training
Push your current rehearsal skills and work habits into an intensified, unfamiliar environment—the world of professional theater. Rehearse five days a week, six to eight hours per day, in a workshop setting with high-caliber Actors’ Equity performers, directors and choreographers. Refine your work through in-the-moment feedback from your professional mentors as well as formal assessments by the program director. Stage the production—a musical theater piece in a concert reading—for an invited audience of friends, family and theater professionals.

Theater Exposure and Analysis
Attend Broadway and off-Broadway theater productions, planned and guided by the program director. After the performances, head to a restaurant or café to discuss the show and learn from the wide-ranging conversations that are sure to ensue. Think critically about the productions and the discussions, analyzing your experiences and observations in a daily journal. Open discussion and assessment forums are held weekly over communal meals.

Independent Research and Reflection
Choose two cultural events, one per week, reflecting your own artistic or professional interest in theatre and dance. You might see a stage production, view a museum exhibit or attend a lecture. Reflect on the event in your daily journal and synthesize this experiential research into an academic paper that addresses the course topic.