European Financial Markets in a Post-EU World

Spring Break 2018 | London, UK


Spend spring break in London, comparing and contrasting the institutions, financial underpinnings and regulatory environments of the United States and the United Kingdom. Weigh the similarities and differences faced by financial firms, investors and policymakers in each country. Gain an understanding of London’s cultural history, its role in the European Union and how the process of splitting from the EU is changing the UK economy and financial markets.


Experiential Learning
The program gives you the opportunity to interact with financial experts, public policymakers and market regulators in London, experiences that you cannot obtain in an American classroom. You will discover things about the global culture that pervades London in the present day, while also studying the historical and cultural roots that shape the British psyche.

Site Visits
You’ll hear from professors and students at the London School of Economics and the University of East London, interact with experts at multinational firms such as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley and see how the government functions from the inside of the British House of Parliament. Visiting museums, parks, restaurants, theaters and even sports venues will give you invaluable information about the ways in which life in Britain is distinct from the United States. Absorb culture and history with visits to the British Museum and Globe Theatre—plus enjoy cheering in the stands of the British Premier League football stadium.


Cross-Cultural Exchange
Direct interaction with leaders and practitioners from many parts of the British system will give you fresh perspectives on financial markets in the UK. Lectures and Q&A sessions will provide a better understanding of the myriad viewpoints of people working in a different economic, business and political environment from your own.

Academic Coursework
Pre-departure class sessions and assigned readings will establish the basics of the academic and cultural aspects of the trip. In addition to planned excursions, you will participate in daily debriefing sessions and lively discussions.

Once you return to our side of the pond, you will reflect on your experiences to prepare and give a presentation during Drew’s Shark Tank. You will also write a term paper on financial topics analyzed through a British, European or global context.


Marc Tomljanovich, Professor of Economics and Business
Marc Tomljanovich has been a Drew University professor since 2006 and is also the director of the university’s popular Wall Street Semester program. He is a specialist in macroeconomics, money and banking, financial markets and corporate finance and was recently awarded a prestigious American Council on Education fellowship.