During the fall semester U.N. program, you spend two days a week in New York at the United Nations. For additional credits, you may also opt to participate in an Internship which would add an additional day(s) to your schedule. You will have the opportunity to hear from members of the U.N. Secretariat, the delegations, special agencies, or nongovernmental organizations represented at the United Nations. Group discussion typically follows. The balance of the day is devoted to other projects such as attending various meetings, conducting interviews and gathering data for your research project.

Program Calendar

The Semester on the United Nations is offered every fall semester. Classes begin in late August and end in mid-December, and are held in New York City on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fall 2018 Program Director

Professor Carlos Yordan, Associate Professor of Political Science


The Semester on the United Nations is an eight credit program in which you enroll in two required courses.

  • PSCI 383/The United Nations System and the International Community (4 credits)

On-site exposure to the realities of international politics in the United Nations context. An examination of the evolution of the United Nations and the network of international institutions associated with it. An analysis of the role played by the United Nations in the larger international community.

  • PSCI 384/Research Seminar on the United Nations (4 credits)

Students conduct research on selected topics related to the United Nations and its role in the larger international system. Assignments include the preparation of a major research paper designed to develop techniques appropriate to the analysis of international affairs.

  • Optional: PSCI 283/United Nations Community Internship (2-8 credits)

If you decide to participate in an internship, you will need to discuss your options with the program director and will need to schedule one or more additional days for your internship.

Besides the two required courses, students will complete a full semester by enrolling in additional courses on campus.


To participate on the Semester on the United Nations, you must:

  1. be a junior or senior;
  2. a minimum GPA of 3.0;
  3. have completed PSCI 104/International Relations
  4. be in good disciplinary standing.


Applications are due by March 10.


The cost of this program is included in your semester tuition, and is comprehensive of round-trip transportation to New York City from Madison, and program-related events and activities.

Non-Drew Students please contact the Center for Global Education for application and cost information.

Financial Aid

All of your Drew University financial assistance, whether merit or need-based, may be applied to all Drew-sponsored semester programs.