Tourism & Cultural Identity in the Caribbean.


Tourism & Cultural Identity in the Caribbean

January 2019 | Martinique and Puerto Rico

  • Applications Due: Oct. 1, 2018
  • Program Fee: $4,300
  • Dates: January 1 – 13, 2018

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The neighboring islands of Martinique and Puerto Rico are equally Caribbean— yet distinctly different. As an overseas French collectivité territoriale, Martinique celebrates a rich culture blending French, African and Western Indian influences, while Puerto Rico, an unincorporated U.S. territory, embraces its culturally and racially complex Spanish and American heritage. Spend a week exploring each island, living in Fort-de-France and San Juan, respectively.


Creating and Consuming Cultural Identity

What does it mean to be Caribbean? How and why does the answer differ on Martinique and on Puerto Rico? How do locals form and present a cultural identity? And how is it consumed by “outsiders”—meaning you, the tourist?


Synthesize Immersive and Academic Learning

Absorb the islands’ history and culture through walking tours, guided site visits and your own explorations. Attend lectures and meet with scholars and writers. Interview locals, tourism officials, political representatives and community leaders to understand the dichotomies of insider and outsider cultural dynamics. Synthesize your learning in a final, research-based project.


This interdisciplinary program offers an academically rewarding global travel experience to students in many areas, including anthropology, history, sociology, Pan-African studies and women’s and gender studies. The opportunity for cultural and linguistic immersion in French- and Spanish-speaking communities is particularly beneficial to students studying these languages.