Spanish Language and Culture in Barcelona.


Spanish Language and Culture in Barcelona

Summer 2021 | Barcelona, Spain

  • Program Fee: $4,600

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Barcelona has it all: pristine white-sand beaches, a vibrant arts scene and an irresistible street culture of boutiques, coffee bars, tapas restaurants and discotecas. Live like a local in a cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean Sea, staying with a host family in a residential barrio and walking or riding the subway to your classes in this university community. Plus: daytrips beyond Barcelona.


Language and Cultural Competency

How does language acquisition serve as a catalyst for cross-cultural communication and understanding? How can improving your Spanish-language proficiency benefit your experience of a new country and your interactions with people whose backgrounds are different than yours?


Synthesize Immersive and Academic Learning

Take classes at International House Barcelona, receiving 80-plus hours of language instruction at your proficiency level and earning a diploma recognized in 27 European Union countries. Tour museums and heritage sites; explore markets and neighborhoods; try out Catalan cooking or flamenco dancing. Write about your experiences and complete a research-based project.


Spanish speakers are valued in every employment sector; after all, Spanish is the official language of 20-plus countries and is spoken by 50 million Hispanic Americans. With its emphasis on cross- cultural networks and real-world application of language skills, this program fulfills an immersive experience in your Launch Plan.