Social Entrepreneurship in Northern Italy.


Social Entrepreneurship in Northern Italy

Summer 2020 | Biella, Ivrea, Turin, Bologna and Milan, Italy

  • Program Fee: $3,900

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Journey through the foothills of Northern Italy, taking in small, medieval towns and elegant, modern cities while learning firsthand about social entrepreneurship, Italian style. Visit family businesses, nonprofit organizations and cooperative ventures, from wineries to refugee assistance centers. Tour must-see heritage landmarks, examining them with an entrepreneur’s — rather than a tourist’s — eye.


Social Good as Smart Business

What business models best address social needs? What is the history of corporate social responsibility in Italy, and how does it compare with the U.S.? How can social entrepreneurship be leveraged to address global challenges and opportunities?


Synthesize Academic and Experiential Learning

Study a long tradition of social entrepreneurship, from family to corporate ventures, through readings, site visits and meetings with entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Examine historic and recent examples of socially responsible businesses, and understand how globalization shapes these enterprises. Write a final research paper integrating academic theory with personal observation.


While exposure to diverse business structures is a career builder for students of any major, the content of this program is especially instructive to those interested in social entrepreneurship and the challenges of balancing ethics and profits globally.