Migration and Mobility in Morocco.


Migration and Mobility in Morocco

Spring Break 2021 | Morocco

  • Program Fee: $3,200

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The mystique of Morocco lies in a centuries-old melding of cultures: Berber, Arab, African and European. Today, Morocco, on the northwest tip of Africa, just a ferry ride from Spain, continues to enchant as a global crossroads. Study the rich cultures of Morocco, and its centrality to global migration patterns, in Rabat, the cosmopolitan capital city, with day trips to Tangier and Fez.


Globalization and Human Migration

How does this pluralistic society embrace (or resist) globalization? What drives human migration? Why is Morocco a frontline for both migrants and refugees? How is each person’s unique journey shaped by identity: gender, race, class, religion, nationality?


Synthesize Academic and Experiential Learning

Live as a local in three Moroccan cities. Explore culturally diverse neighborhoods and speak with people of many different backgrounds. See historic sites and street markets, religious institutions and shopping centers. Delve deeply into issues of migration and globalization, meeting with university, nonprofit and UN experts. On your return, present original work in a public forum.


Fulfill one of your Launch experiences in Morocco, networking and practicing such transferable skills as interpersonal communication and engaging difference. This interdisciplinary program is especially relevant to French, Arabic and Middle East studies and for careers in international relations, political economy and human development.