Sexuality and Gender in the Victorian City


Sexuality and Gender in the Victorian City

Summer 2020 | London, Birmingham and Oxford, England

  • Program Fee: $3,900

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Highgate Cemetery. Hyde Park. The Victoria and Albert Museum. Oxford. Birmingham. Travel to modern England while going back in time to explore the Victorian city. Navigate London and its environs on foot and by public transportation, gaining an understanding of Victorian England — its streets, its public and domestic spaces, its people and its way of life.


The City as Gendered Space

How can the Victorian city be read as a gendered, sexual space? What nuances about gender and sexuality in the Victorian era can be learned from art, music and theatre of this period? And from urban spaces, narratives and images?


Synthesize Immersive and Academic Learning

Take in museums, theatres and concert halls to sample Victorian culture. Explore streetscapes and neighborhoods to understand the interconnectedness of private lives and public spaces. Visit libraries and archives to access scholarly materials. Assignments—from site journals to research projects—allow you to synthesize academic knowledge with personal experience.


International perspectives and experiences— especially in the arts and humanities—stand out on any résumé. The academic content of this program is particularly relevant to careers in academia, arts and museum administration, media and journalism, and urban planning and law.