Competency in foreign languages and cultures is increasingly important for numerous professions and for graduate study.  Not only is German a key language for science, culture, and art, but Germany also has one of the three largest economies in the world.  Drew’s German Studies program offers instruction of the highest quality, emphasizes innovative learning, and integrates language, literature, and culture. Drew’s proximity to New York City is important because it represents one of the largest concentrations of German culture outside of Europe, and there are regular excursions to Manhattan to experience opera, classical music, art exhibitions, and restaurants.  On campus, the German Studies program organizes and sponsors speakers, films, and concerts.  Drew has a chapter of the national German honor society, Delta Phi Alpha. Opportunities for study in a German-speaking country are available and strongly encouraged.

Major/Minor Requirements & Course List

Please view the college catalog for a full and up to date list of requirements and courses for this program.

For questions or further information, please contact the director of the German Studies Program, Prof. Joshua Kavaloski. His email address is jkavalos@drew.edu

GERM 102 in April, 2009. We're discussing Hermann Hesse's novel Narziss und Goldmund in German.
GERM 102 in April, 2009. We’re discussing Hermann Hesse’s novel Narziss und Goldmund in German.