Note: The PDF format is updated once each academic year, while the web format is updated regularly throughout each term. Where discrepancies occur, the web format supersedes the PDF format. Download the Regulations in PDF.


Preface to the First Edition

Membership and Governance

I. Faculty Membership of the Graduate Division of Religion
II. Faculty Meetings of the Graduate Division of Religion
III. Election of the Chair of the Graduate Division of Religion
IV. Standing Committees of, or Relevant to, the Graduate Division of Religion
V. New Programs
VI. Student Participation in Governance of the Graduate Division of Religion

Student Requirements and Protocols

VII. Degree Courses and Requirements
VIII. Admission of Students
IX. Definitions of Student Status
X. Registration
XI. Time Limits for Earning Each Degree
XII. Leave of Absence
XIII. Course Grades
XIV. Language Requirements
XV. Comprehensive Examinations: General Regulations
XVI. Comprehensive Examinations: By Area
XVII. Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation and Defense
XVIII. Policy Governing Retention of Student Records
XIX. Transcripts and Dossiers
XX. Appealing a Grade
XXI. Academic Integrity

University Policies

XXII. Housing
XXIII. Students with Disabilities
XXIV. Theological School Grievance Policy
XXV. University Human Rights Policy (uLogin required)
XXVI. University Sexual Harassment Policy


Preface to the First Edition

The Graduate Division of Religion was formed in 2004. In 2006 the Board of Trustees voted to approve a shift of governance of the GDR from the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies to the Theological School. This shift of governance has necessitated the creation of this GDR Regulations book. The book is an adaptation of the Regulations of the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies. It seeks for the most part to conserve the body of regulations that have successfully ordered the interactions of graduate religion students, faculty, and administrators at Drew for so many years. Revisions to CSGS regulations that have been made reflect procedures and protocols that have been developed within the GDR since the time of its formation.

Stephen Moore
GDR Chair
August 2007