Recent Graduates

Drew’s Graduate Division of Religion follows the American Academy of Religion’s “Best Practices for the Posting of Graduation and Placement Records by Graduate Programs in the Academic Study of Religion.”  Below, find dissertation titles and current professional posts indicated by graduation year and Area of Study, as well as program completion data. Note that the Graduate Division of Religion was formed in 2004 out of five preexisting graduate programs in religion in Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, and in 2006 governance of the GDR transferred from the Caspersen School to Drew’s Theological School. A word of clarification is therefore in order with regard to the year-by-year list of religion graduates that follows. Many of these Ph.D. graduates matriculated, not in the Theological School, but in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, and many of them graduated from the Caspersen School as well.  Since transferring to the Theological School, the GDR has been deliberately down-sizing its PhD program so as to increase the levels of financial support and other resources available to PhD students.



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“The Letter of James as Nativist Discourse: Confronting Roman Imperialism and Pauline Hybridity”; Pastor, Wilton Baptist Church (Wilton, CT).

“Mother, Martyr: Reading Self-Sacrifice and Family in Early Christianity”; Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, St Norbert College (De Pere, WI).

“Biblical Representations of Moab: A Kenyan Postcolonial Reading”; Assistant Professor of Religion, Luther College (Decorah, IA).

Historical Studies
“Bishops In Flight: The Discourse of Exile In Late Antiquity”; Visiting Lecturer (2014-2015), Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI).

“Borderlands/La Frontera of the Late Ancient Egyptian Desert: Space, Identity, and the Ascetic Imagination”; Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Religious Studies, Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA).

Religion & Society
“Mormon Kinship: The Symbolic System of Family within Mormon Religious Communities”; Adjunct Instructor, Behavioral Science Department, Utah Valley University (Orem, UT).

“A Different Point of View: Jainism and Christianity in Dialogue toward a Human Attitude about Wealth, Consumption, Work, and Rest”; Adjunct Instructor, Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA).

“The Ethic of Resistance To the Economy of Rape: A Latin American Feminist Christian Model”; Assistant Dean of Special Programs and Acting Director of Field Education, New Brunswick Theological Seminary (New Brunswick, NJ).

“Religious Identity: A Micro-Level Sociological Study of Faith, Religion, and Spirituality in the Lives of Women in a Domestic Violence Shelter”

“The International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem, and Renewalist Zionism: Emerging Jewish-Christian Ethnonationalism”; Finance Manager, Oregon Volunteers (Portland, OR).

Theological & Philosophical Studies
“Passionate Non-Attachment: Practices of Mystical Longing In Mirabai and Hadewijch, A Comparative Study”

“Sartre’s Middle Ethics; Progress In Moral Aesthetics”; Associate Professor of Humanities, Pierce College (Philadelphia, PA).



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“Authority and Violence in the Gideon and Abimelech Narratives: A Sociological and Literary Exploration of Power, Violence, and Ethics in Judges 6–9”; Free-lance editor.

“Violent Love, Oppressive Liberation: Reading Mary in the Infancy Narratives of Matthew and Luke alongside Surrogate Indian Mothers”; Assistant Professor of Religion, Luther College (Decorah, IA).

“Negotiating Power: The Social Contours of Ezra-Nehemiah”; Adjunct Instructor, Ashland Theological Seminary (Ashland, OH).

“‘Who Am I, O Lord Yhwh, and What is My House?’: A Bakhtinian Reading of David in Exile and in Return in the Deuteronomistic History”; Adjunct Instructor, Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC).

Liturgical Studies
“English-Language Liturgy in the Lutheran Church – Missourie Synod: Its Growth and Development”; Pastor, Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Bloomfield, NJ).

Religion & Society
“Local Girl: Our Lady of Emmitsburg, Visionary Culture, and the Fashioning of a Catholic Subjectivity”; Lecturer in Religious Studies, McDaniel College (Westminster, MD).

“The Theology of Sacrifice of Bishop Edir Macedo: A Theological Critique”; Professor, Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, (São Paolo, Brazil).

Theological & Philosophical Studies
“The Time of Ecology: Theological Cosmology For A Postmodern Earth”

“Love, the Spirit, and Eschatology: Toward a Planetary Theology of Love”

“Incarnational Creativity: A Pneumatology of Improvisation”; Director, Center for Theological Engagement (Chapel Hill, NC).

“The Cosmopolis of God: A Political Theology of the Kingdom”

“Inhabiting God’s Wounds: Reimagining the Wisdom of Vulnerability”

“The Concept of Self and Its Implication of Salvation in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity”



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“Empire, Gender, and Ambiveilance: Towards a Postcolonial Womanist Interpretation of the Woman Babylon in the Book of Revelation”; Assistant Professor of New Testament, Hartford Seminary (Hartford, CT).

Historical Studies
Sojourners Magazine, 1971–2005: Peace and Justice, A Voice of American Progressive Evangelicals”; Adjunct Instructor, Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and Pastor, College and Young Adult Group, Myung Sung Church (Seoul, Korea).

Liturgical Studies
“Singing the Eucharist—Reflecting and Forming Theology: Communion Hymns of the LCMS and ELCA Service Books”; Part-time Director of Music and Liturgy, Martin Luther Chapel (Pennsauken, NJ).

“The Restoration of the Adult Catechumenate in the Episcopal Church in the Twentieth Century”; Pastor, St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church (Augusta, GA).

“The 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the Practice of Open Table in the Episcopal Church”; Associate University Chaplain, Sewanee, The University of the South, (Sewanee, TN).

“The Ritualization of Remembering the Dead Among the Christian Javanese: A Study of Liturgical Contextualization in a Reformed Church in Indonesia”; Assistant Professor of Liturgy, Coordinator of Campus Worship, and Coordinator of the Center for Liturgy, Jakarta Theological School.

Religion & Society
“Beyond Charity and Evangelism: A Christian Ethical Inquiry into the South Korean Protestant Churches’ Socioeconomic and Political Responses to Poverty in South Korea”; Adjunct Instructor, Methodist Theological University (Seoul, Korea).

“Identity Formation and the Transformation of Symbolic Loss: A Psychobiography of Ralph Waldo Emerson”; Adjunct Instructor, North Florida Community College (Madison, FL); Free-lance academic journal editor.

“A Self-Psychological Approach to the Resolution of Social Conflict in South Korean Society”

“A Christian Ethics of Empathy for Communities of Faith in the Midst of Racial Conflict”; Adjunct Instructor, Yonsei University; Part-time pastor, Yondong Presbyterian Church (Jong-Ro, Korea).

“Ethnography of Healing: Religion and Reconstruction of Autobiography Among Second Generation Korean American Christians”; Senior Pastor, Millers United Methodist Church (Manchester, MD).

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“The Powerless Power of God: The Theology of the Cross, Jürgen Moltmann, Jacques Derrida, and John Caputo”; Researcher and Adjunct Instructor, Center of Religious Studies, Seoul National University; Adjunct Instructor, Hannam University (Korea).

“Deep Epistemology: Schopenhauer, Chu Hsi, and Moral Metaphysics”; Adjunct Instructor, University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth, MA).

“Justus Buchler’s Ordinal Naturalism and Sacred Engagement in the Thought of Karl Jaspers and George Santayana”; Adjunct Instructor, Montclair State University and St. Peter’s University (NJ).



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“‘Some folks is born wid de feet on the sun and they can seek out de inside meanin’ of words’: An African American Scripturalization signified through the (Postcolonial) Middle Passage”; Assistant Professor of New Testament, Interdemoninational Theological Center (Atlanta, GA).

“Finding Grace with God: A Phenomenological Reading of the Annunciation”; Associate Director of Theological School Admissions at Drew University (Madison, NJ).

“Carnivalizing Sinai: A Bakhtinian Reading of Exodus 32”; Assistant Professor of Bible at Oklahoma Christian University (Edmond, OK).

“Into the Lion’s Den: Conflict and Rhetoric in the Book of Daniel”; Lead Pastor of The Life Christian Church (West Orange, NJ).

Historical Studies
“The One Thing Needful: The Development of Charles Wesley’s Theology of the Restoration of the Image of God”

“The Methodist Melting Pot: Italian Immigrants in the White Protestant Imagination”; Assistant Professor of History, Mission, Intercultural and Interfaith Studies at Eastern Mennonite Seminary (Harrisonburg, VA).

Liturgical Studies
“Participation and Worship: Evangelical Readings, 1980-2006”; Adjunct Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary (Wilmore, KY); Worship Pastor at Queens Christian Alliance Church (Flushing, NY).

Religion & Society
“Gen M Christian Women Speak of Friendship:  A Phenomenological Study of Women’s Friendship in the Millennial Age”; Associate Chaplain and Director of the Chapel & Religious Life Council at Drew University (Madison, NJ).

“Faith at the Bottom of a Lake: Religious Perceptions of the City and Nature after the 1997 Red River Flood”; Adjunct Professor at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (New Brighton, MN).

“Breaking Through the Plate Glass Window: A Social Ethical Study of Racial Profiling and Violent Innocence in Elizabeth, NJ”; Pastor at Second Presbyterian Church (Elizabeth, NJ).

“Listening to the Cultural Other: Toward a Christian Ethics of Transformative Listening”

“Responding to the Voices of Sweatshop Workers: An Ethical and Justice Model in Globalization”

“The Church of the Nazarene in the U.S.: Race, Gender, and Class and Aspirations Toward Respectability, 1895-1985”; Associate Professor of Sociology at Olivet Nazarene University (Bourbonnais, IL).

“Self and Culture: What It Means to Be a Woman in the Korean Family”; Pastor at Mendham United Methodist Church (Mendham, NJ).

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“Akan Christology: An Analysis of the Christologies of John Samuel Pobee and Kwame Bediako in conversation with the Theology of Karl Barth”; Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ).

“Constructing A Framework of Contemporary Pentecostal Theology: A Study of Ecstasy and Spiritual Presence as a Divine-Human Encounter”

“A Passionate God: Constructing a Theology of Divine Enjoyment”; Assistant Professor of Constructive Theology and Director of Assessment at New York Theological Seminary (New York, New York).

“Passion for Gift: The Asymmetrical Reciprocity between Divine Presence and Human Freedom in Barth’s Doctrine of Revelation”

“Im-possible Glory: The Cross and the Abyss”; Pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Chatham, NJ).



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“Social Ecology, Ecojustice, and the New Testament: Liberating Readings”; World Council of Churches (Geneva, Switzerland).

“Writing the Nation/Reading the Men: Postcolonial Masculinities in Mark’s Gospel and the Ancient Novel”;  Assistant Professor of Religion at The University of the South: Sewanee (Sewanee, TN).

“Paul and Politics: Ekklesia, Household, and Empire”

Historical Studies
“Sermons and the Shaping of Northern Methodist Identities, 1885-1905”

“Jerome of Stridon:  Innovative Christian Supersessionist”Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Programs, School of Bible and Ministry, Philadelphia Biblical University (Langhorne, PA)

Liturgical Studies
“Rites of Passage for Women in Evangelical Christianity: A Theological and Ritual Analysis”;  Assistant Professor of Bible at Nyack College (Nyack, NY).

“A Homiletic of Spirituality: An Analysis of Howard Thurman’s Theory and Praxis of Preaching”;  Pastor at St. John AME Church (Huntsville, AL).

The Baptist Hymnal for Use in the Church and Home: Its Development, Content, and     Reception”; Adjunct Faculty at Westminster Choir College (Princeton, NJ).

“New Homiletical Direction In The Narrative Tradition: A Challenge Of The Postliberal Theology Of Hans Frei To The Contemporary Korean Church”; Instructor of Worship and Practical Theology at The Methodist Theological Seminary of America (Los Angeles, CA).

“The Formation of Christian Initiation in the Korean Methodist Church, 1885-1939”

“Lex Liturgiae Inculturationis: A Study of the Korean Traditional Rite of Ancestral Veneration and Korean Christian Memorial Rites”; Academic Advisor at Seoul Theological Seminary (Bucheon, South Korea).

“Here I Am, Lord, Send Me: Ritual Analysis for a Theology of Presbyteral Ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)”; Pastor, Middlesex Presbyterian Church (Middlesex, NJ).

Religion and Society
“We Shall Not Be Moved: Resistance to Changes in Methodist Leadership”; Chaplain at Allegheny College (Meadville, PA).

“Black Churches as Selfobject Environment: A Self Psychological Analysis of Church of God in Christ Worship and Ethos”; Assistant Profesor of Pastoral Care at New Brunswick Theological Seminary (New Brunswick, NJ).

“From Corpus Christ to Spiritus Christi:  The (R)Evolution of an Independent Catholic Church”; Head of Reference and Research Services Department at Drew University (Madison, NJ).

“Disability in the Methodist Tradition:  An Exploratory Study Analyzing the Understanding of and Response to the Disability Rights Movement by the General Conference of the UMC (1968-2004)”; Pastor at Memorial United Methodist Church (Bolton, MS).

“Secularization Theory and Black Protestantism: Patterns of Differentiation in a Contemporary Black Church”; Pastor at Canaan Baptist Church (New York, NY).

“Exploring National Identity Among Emerging Adults: A New Jersey Case Study”; Assistant Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Social Sciences Department at Centenary College (Hackettstown, NJ).

“A Constructive Analysis of Christian Women In A Confucian Culture: In The Cases of Korean-American Clergy Wives” 

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“Divine Contradiction: The Logic of Blood in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures”; Adjunct Visiting Specialist at Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ).

“Salim, Process of Life: An Asian Postcolonial Ecofeminist Theology”; Adjunct Faculty at Brooklyn College (Brooklyn, NY).

“Toward A Theology of the Reciprocal Relations between the Word and the Holy Spirit in the Ecumenical Church”



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“‘The Son of Man Goes as It Is Written of Him’: The Figuration of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark”; Assistant Professor at Adrian College (Adrian, MI).

“Participation in Antioch and Alexandria: Theodore and Cyril’s Commentaries on Jesus’ Words in John 17, ‘That They May Be One’”; Executive Director of the Center of Early African Christianity, Inc.

“The Emergence of Proto-Apocalyptic Worldviews in the Neo-Babylonian Period: An Analysis of Selected Passages from Ezekiel and Isaiah 40-55”; Adjunct Faculty at Georgia Christian College (Lilburn, GA)

“Collusion and Subversion: Luke’s Representation of the Roman Empire;” Religious educator in Seoul, Korea.

Historical Studies
“Imperialism, Modernization and Postcolonial Christianity: The Indigenization of American Methodist China Missions (1880-1930);” Instructor in Taiwan.

“The Culto Pentecostal Story: Holiness Revivalism and the Making of Philippine Methodist Identity, 1899-1965”; Pastor of Sitka United Methodist Church (Sitka, AK).

Liturgical Studies
“Liturgical Language: An Anglican Perspective”; Rector of Church of the Annunciation (Oradell, NJ).

“‘That Thy House May Be Filled’: A Study of Earliest American Methodist Lay Worship Leaders between 1766 and 1773: Philip Embury, Robert Strawbridge, Joseph Pridmore, and Francis Asbury”; Library Assistant at United Theological Seminary (Dayton, OH).

“‘Words that Hurt, Words that Heal’: Inclusive Language in the Sacraments and Ordinal of the United Methodist Church, 1972-1992”; Assistant Professor at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC).

“You Jes’ Wait a Little: A Comparison of the Motif of Hope in African American Preaching during the Slave and Post-Civil War Periods”; Pastor of The Church of the Redeemer (Philadelphia, PA).

“Double Talk: The Duality of Liberative and Constructive Messages about Social Power and Moral Authority Conveyed through Black Preaching;” Senior Pastor at First Congregational Church (U.C.C.) (Stamford, CT).

“‘What Are the Things that Set Your Soul on Fire?’: Charles Finney’s Approach to Emotion in Worship;” Adjunct faculty at Houghton College (Houghton, NY).

“Petition for Peace: A Theological Analysis of Richard Baxter’s Reformed Liturgy in Its Ecclesiological Context”; Fellows Coordinator, Institute of Sacred Music, Yale University (New Haven, CT).

“Initiation Process of the Marginalized in Asia: A Historical and Theological Study in Discourse with Contemporary Asian Theological Perspectives”; Pastor of Zion Korean United Methodist Church (Warwick, RI).

“Congregational Participation in Worship: A Study of the Korean Praise and Worship Movement in the 1980s as a Model for Inspiring Active Participation;” Adjunct faculty at Georgia Christian University (Lilburn, GA).

Religion and Society
“The Plague Wars: Encounters between Gay and Lesbian Activism and the Christian Right in the Age of AIDS”; Adjunct Professor at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA).

“Toward an Ethics of Korean Reunification.”

Theological & Philosophical Studies
“The Non-Knowing Self and the ‘Impossible’ Other: The Deconstruction and Apophasis of Western Subjectivity in Theological Discourses;” Adjunct faculty at Ewha Womans University and Seoul Methodist University (Seoul, Korea).

“In the Beginning Was the Body: Reclaiming the Corporeal Ground of Spirituality.”

“Dance of Grace: A Feminist Theology of Reciprocity”; Assistant Professor at Hanover College (Hanover, IN).

“Nonduality and Trinity: A Comparative Analysis of the Trinitarian Perspectives of Jung Young Lee and Raimon Panikkar;” Adjunct faculty (Seoul, Korea).

“Christology on the Via Postmoderna: Moltmann, Derrida, Process Philosophy and Postcolonial Theory;” Instructor in Taiwan.

“Revelation and Phenomenology in the Christologies of Karl Barth and Jean-Luc Marion: A Case Study in Theological Method”; Counselor and therapist at Laurel Health System (PA).

“Passionate Christ: Kenosis, Feminism, and Desire”; Assistant Professor at College of Saint Benedict – Saint John’s University (St. Joseph, MN).

“In the Horizon of the Infinite: Paul Tillich and the Dialectic of the Sacred”; Lecturer at Lebanon Valley College (PA), and Pastor at Zion United Church of Christ (Lebanon, PA).



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“Liberation Beyond Borders: Dalit Feminist Hermeneutics and Four Gospel Women”; Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg (PA)

“‘Revealed to Infants and not to the Wise and Intelligent: Reader, Character, and Dialogic Interaction–A Bakhtinian Reading of the Gospel of Matthew;” Pastor in Seoul, Korea.

Historical Studies
“Civilizing Mission for Women: American Methodist Missionary Women and Social Change in Korea, 1885-1940”; Pastor of Prophetstown United Methodist Church (IL).

Liturgical Studies
“Resignation, Denial, and Hope: Shifting Attitudes and Practices in Protestant Funeral Liturgy and Pastoral Care in the United States 1899-1959”; Assistant Rector at Calvary Episcopal Church (Summit, NJ).

“Reforming Methodism: 1800-1820;” Director of Library and Information Services, Assistant Professor of Church History at United Theological Seminary (Dayton, OH).

“‘Like Other People’s Children’: The Danish West Indies Lutheran Mission A Caribbean Prototype of Liturgical Inculturation;” Chaplain of the College at Gettysburg College (PA).

“The ABC’s of American Church Music: A First Primer;” Associate Professor of Sacred Music at Westminster College of the Arts (NJ).

“Preaching as “Testimony, Publication, and Prophesying”: A Study of Horace Bushnell’s Christological Preaching in Light of His Religious Experience, 1833-1876”; Assistant Professor at Taiwan Theological College and Seminary (Taipei City, Taiwan).

Religion and Society
“Returning to Church: Psychoanalytic Mourning Theory and the Rediscovery of Faith in Community;” Senior Editor at Guideposts Associates (New York, NY).

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“The Blood of Goats and Bulls:  An Eco-Spiritual Response to the Sacrifice of Creation”; Executive Vice President at Superior Communication Solutions (PA).

“Toward an Asian Ecclesiology based on the Asian Liberation Theology and Minjung Theology”



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“A Theocratic Yehud? Issues of Government in a Persian Province”; Visiting Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University (MI).

“Persuading God: A Study in the Individual Lament Psalms.”

“‘Come, Gather Together for the Great Supper of God’ (Rev. 19:17): Christian Identity-Making through Alimentary Images in Revelation in the Context of Roman Imperialism.”

“Ignatius of Antioch: Performing Authority in the Early Church”; Associate Rector at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church (Sparta, NJ).

“Drought, Famine, Plague and Pestilence: Ancient Israel’s Understandings of and Responses to Natural Catastrophes”; Assistant Professor at Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity (NC).

“Bethsaida: A Study of the First Century CE in the Galilee from the Perspective of Et-Tell”; Director of Doctor of Ministry Program and Adjunct Instructor, Drew Theological School (Madison, NJ).

Historical Studies
“Queen’s Daughters: African American Women, Christian Mission, and Racial Change—1940-1960”; Visiting Assistant Professor at Middlebury College (VT).

“John and Charles Wesley’s Reactions to the Earthquakes of 1750 in London and 1755 in Lisbon”

Liturgical Studies
“The Audible Sacrament: The Sacramentality of Gardner C. Taylor’s Preaching”; Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church (Morristown, NJ).

Religion and Society
“Social Transformation in the Philippines: Three Methodist Contributions;” Pastor at First United Methodist Church (Passaic, NJ).

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“Ark of the Possible: The Animal World in Merleau-Ponty”; Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina, Aiken (Aiken, SC).

“Abyss of God:  Flesh, Love and Language in Paul Tillich;” Pastor in Iceland.

“The Elements of a Pastoral Theology Mirrored in the Sermons of Caesarius of Arles: Salvation in the Ordinary”

“Kierkegaard and Augustine: A Study in Christian Existence”; Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at James Richardson & Sons, Ltd. (Manitoba, Canada)

“An Orthodox Lutheran View of Ecclesiology: A Doctrinal and Practical Exchange Between Valentin Ernst Loescher (1673-1749) and Joachim Lange (1670-1744)”



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“Emancipatory Inversion and Ecclesial Identity: Text, Context, and Ritual Interpretations of Johannine Footwashing”

“‘Everything Written in This Book”: The Perceptions of The Exile in the Book of Jeremiah”; Assistant Professor at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (Taytay City, Philippines)

Historical Studies
“The World is Our Parish: Displaying Home and Foreign Missions at the 1919 Methodist World’s Fair”; Methodist Librarian at Drew University, (Madison, NJ).

“What Would Jesus Do? Charles Sheldon’s Legacy and American Evangelicalism,” Professor and University Chaplain, Bangmok College of Basic Studies (Korea)

Liturgical Studies
“Giving Voice to Asian Christians: An Appraisal of the Pioneering Work of I-to Loh in the Area of Congregational Song”; Assistant Professor of Church Music, Baylor University (Waco, TX).

Religion and Society
“The ‘One True God’ in History and Society: A Meta-Hermeneutical Critique of Rodney Stark’s Sociology of Monotheism”; Assistant Professor at Concordia College (MN).

“Knowing Feminism, Practicing Power: Engaging Dorothy Smith’s Work in Relation to the Presbyterian Church (USA)”

“Opting for the Margins as Imago Dei: A Dalit Ethics of Human Flourishing”

“Inspired by Carolyn Merchant’s “Partnership Ethics”: A Study of the Columbia River Pastoral Letter Project”; Assistant Professor at Bethune-Cookman University (FL).

“Searching for Nature and the Sacred: Jewish and Christian Seekers and Their Quests for and Constructions of the More-Than-Human World”; Assistant Professor at Purchase College of the State University of New York.

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“‘Jesus is Victor!’: The Significance of the Blumhardts for the Theology of Karl Barth”; Assistant Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Bethel University (MN).

“‘The Beauty of the Unity and the Harmony of the Whole’: Concept of Theosis in the Theology of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite”; Assistant Professor at Sioux Falls Seminary (SD).

“George Santayana’s Philosophy of Religion: His Roman Catholic Influences, Phenomenological Method and Significance to Contemporary Religious Studies”; Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ).

“Suffering Servant, Wounded Word, Troubled Trinity: The Passion of God in the Theology of T. F. Torrance”; Adjunct Instructor at Wheaton College (IL) and Editor at InterVarsity Press.



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“Models for the Oral Transmission of the Gospel Traditions and the Problem of Continuity: An Analysis and Evaluation”; Director of Princeton University InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship.

“Symbols and Types: The History of Exegesis of I Corinthians 3:7-18 in the Early Greek Speaking Church”; Research and Acquisitions Director for the Ancient Christian Commentary Series at InterVarsity Press.

“Hagar, a Stranger in a Strange Land: A Feminist Literary Reading of Genesis 12-21”; Adjunct Instructor at Rowan University (NJ) and The College of New Jersey.

Historical Studies
“‘Old Path Methodism’ in a Modern World: Henry Clay Morrison’s Campaign for the Evangelical Option in the Modern World”; President of Wesley Biblical Seminary (MS).

Liturgical Studies
“An Ecclesial Homiletic: The ‘Pure Word of God’ on Holy Living in the Sermons of John Wesley”; Associate Professor at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (IL).

“Spiritual Formation through Psalm-Singing Worship: A Study of the Piety Nurtured by the Annotations in John Brown of Haddington’s The Psalms of David in Metre with Notes (1775)”; Teacher at the Doane Academy (NJ).

Religion and Society
“Gender, Poverty, and Wife Battering: An Examination of Their Interlocking Roles in Contemporary Church and Society in Kenya”; Associate Professor at Edward Waters College (FL).

“Totemic Desires: The Religious Dimensions of Advertising in the Culture of Consumer Capitalism”; Associate Minister at Middle Collegiate Church (New York, NY).

“Human Dignity and Social Visibility: A Christian Social Ethic to Engage India’s Caste Discrimination against Dalits”; Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester (NY).

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“Incarnating Theology in an Estuary-Carnival Place: New Orleans in the Pontchartrain Basin”; Independent Scholar (New Orleans, LA).

“Towards a Theology of the Excluded: A Socio-Political Agenda for 21st Century Zimbabwean Methodism”; Professor, United Theological College (Harare, Zimbabwe).

“An Examination of the Wesleyan Doctrine of Christian Perfection with Particular Reference to its Socio-Cultural Implications and its Significance in Shaping the Polity and Practice of Methodist Church in Kenya”; Pastor of Bartley Temple United Methodist Church (Gainesville, FL).

“The Touch of Transcendence: A Latina Postcolonial Contribution to Philosophical Theology”; Assistant Professor at Harvard Divinity School (Cambridge, MA).

“Engaging Difference: Replacing the Search for Essentials in Feminist Theological Ethics with a Conversation on Difference”; Pastor in the Missouri Mid-South Conference of the United Church of Christ.

“The Hope of the Earth: A Process Eschatological Eco-Ethics”; Research Professor at Presbyterian College & Theological Seminary (Seoul, Korea).



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“Official and Popular Religion in the Northern Kingdom from Omri to Joash (ca. 885-786 B.C.E.)”

You Tae Kim: “Literary Composition and Theology of First Thessalonians 4 and 5”

“Perichoresis in the Context of Divinization: Maximus the Confessor’s Vision of a ‘Blessed and Most Holy Embrace’”; Assistant Professor of Religion at Central College (Pella, IA).

Historical Studies
“Respectable Methodists: Nathan Bangs and the Rise of Respectability in the Methodist Episcopal Church in the Early National Period”; Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University; President of Sociedad Wesleyana

“A Man for His Season: A. B. Simpson, the Fourfold Gospel and Late nineteenth-Century Evangelicalism”; Associate Professor at Ambrose University College and Seminary (Alberta).

Liturgical Studies
“Ecumenism, Inculturation, and Postcolonialism in Liturgy: Based on the Responses of the Younger Churches to Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry (BEM);” Pastor at Zion Evangelical Church of New Jersey (Fords, NJ).

“Eloquence as the Essence of Common Prayer: Cranmer’s Liturgical Language”; Assistant Professor of Music Education at Laurentian University (Ontario, Canada).

“Transformation of African Christian Worship: A Case Study of Liturgical Practices in the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church”; Dean of the Faculty of Theology at Africa University (Zimbabwe).

“Understanding the Lord’s Supper in the Methodist Churches in Korea: 1885-1935;” Faculty at Methodist Theological University (Seoul, Korea).

“Revisioning Liturgical Space and Furnishings in American Roman Catholic Churches, 1947-2002: The Pioneering Role of Frank Kacmarick, Artist-Designer and Consultant in the Sacred Arts;” Sister in Benedictine Nuns of Erie; Adjunct Faculty in Erie (PA).

Religion and Society
“ ‘Kingdom Now’: Social Implication of Eschatology in the Pentecostal-Charismatic Movement in America”

“Erotic Conversion: Coming Out of Christian Erotophobia”; Managing Director of Human Capital Consulting and Executive Coaching at Partners in Human Resources International, LLC.

“Religion and Women’s Sexuality: An Analysis of Female Circumcision among Kenyans” Professor at East Carolina University

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“The Cross of Reality: The Role of Luther’s Theologia Crucis in the Development of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Christology”; Adjunct Assistant Professor at Molloy College (Rockville Centre, NY).

“The Meta-Mythical Success Archetype in the Works of Pauline E. Hopkins”

“William P. Alston’s Epistemology of Religious Experience: The Problem of Subjectivism”; Adjunct Faculty at New York Theological Seminary (New York, NY).



Biblical Studies & Early Christianity
“‘Blessed is He Who Has Brought Adam from Sheol’: Christ’s Descent to the Dead in the Theology of Saint Ephraim the Syrian”; Assistant Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary (KY).

“Simon Magus and Marcion: Two Figures of Paul”; Financial Services Associate for Prudential Financial, Inc.

“Lineage Structure and Local Authority in Ancient Israel”

“Persuasion in the Book of Amos”

“John Chrysostom, a Glorious Failure: The Poor, the Rich, and the Authentic Christian Community”

“Paul’s Employment of the Friendship Motif through His Paraenesis in Galatians”

Historical Studies
“Anthony Horneck (1641-1697) and the Rise of Anglican Pietism”; Associate Professor at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC).

Liturgical Studies
“Aspects of the Liturgical Year in Cappadocia, 325 to 430 C.E.”

“Bearing the Weight of the Mystery: The Pictorial Arts and Liturgical Renewal in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States of America, 1926-1963”

“Marking Time: Dressing the Church for United Methodist Worship, 1982-2002”; Associate Professor at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC).

Religion and Society
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“Confronting Suffering: An Evangelical Theological Approach”; Associate Professor at Baptist University of the Americas (TX).

Theological and Philosophical Studies
“A Response to Grace: The Sacramental Theology of Balthasar Hubmaier”; Assistant Professor at George W. Truett Theological Seminary (TX).

“Falling Nature: An Ecofeminist Theology of Fall Narratives”; Painter and ecological activist in Woodstock, NY.