Entangled Worlds: The Thirteenth Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium and You

Since 2001 Drew University has hosted the Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium, a conference which gathers renowned scholars from a stunning breadth of scholarly disciplines to engage in theoretical conversation and theological construction which is at once self-deconstructive in its pluralism and constructive in its affirmations.  This conference epitomizes Drew’s unique approach to religious scholarship, an approach that emerges from the complexity of the contemporary contexts theology must consider.  No doubt this abundantly multifaceted approach has infused your own religious scholarship…Read featured article by Shelley Dennis, GDR Student.

The Interdisciplinary Seminar in Women’s Studies: A Student Reflection

This past fall, my first as a PhD student in New Testament and Early Christianity at Drew Theological School, I took the Interdisciplinary Seminar in Women’s Studies, which was team-taught by Professors Melanie Johnson-DeBaufre and Traci West. I am not the most obvious candidate to write this article on the experience of taking this course. After all, I spent much of our sessions silent. Certainly, I spoke up to the degree I felt necessary, but as I have experienced in past courses in any sort of gender and race studies as a well-educated, progressively-oriented, male-identified poststructuralist, my struggle to engage further in class discussion was driven by an anxiety over speaking as a straight white man in an explicitly decolonizing space…Read featured article by Peter McLellan, GDR Student.

In Search of a New Dean

What qualities would you like to see in the next dean of the Theological School?  “A visionary,”  “someone who’s caring,” “a spiritual leader,” “someone who understands and promotes diversity in all its forms,” “somebody who gets budgets,” “committed to promoting an educated clergy,” “holy boldness,” “gotta have a sense of humor.”  These are just some of the terms I heard in December during listening sessions with students, faculty, and staff as we prepared to launch our search for the next Dean of the Theological School…Read featured article by J. Terry Todd, Associate Professor of American Religious Studies.

Faculty Booknotes, 2008-2013

Drew faculty have been exceedingly busy over the past several years.  Not only have they been facilitating ministerial formation of Theological School students and shaping the scholarship of the doctoral candidates in the Graduate Division of Religion, but they have been prolific in their own scholarship as well.  An exhaustive list of every single publication of every single faculty member would be—well, exhausting—so, just to give you a small sample of their work, we are featuring books released by faculty over the past five years.  Kudos to all our faculty on their recent books!…Read more about faculty booknotes.

GDR Students Receive Fellowships

Beatrice Marovich is among seven scholars to receive a Human-Animal Studies Fellowship to pursue interdisciplinary research in residence at Wesleyan University’s College of the Environment. Also, Matthew T. Riley, a student of Dr. Laurel Kearns in the sociology of religion, received the 2013 James and Sylvia Thayer Short-Term Research Fellowship to do archival research in the UCLA Library Special Collections…Read more about students receiving fellowships.


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