PictureChristian Kakez- A- Kapend is one of the students selected as the 2013-14 Dempster Graduate Scholars who will receive awards carrying a value of up to $10,000, to further pursuit theological studies. Christian is a full-time student entering into his second year of doctoral work in Systematic Theology at Drew University. He is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church (South Congo conference).

Dempster Graduate Fellowships are founded by the Ministerial Education Fund through General Board of Higher Education and Ministry’s Division of Ordained Ministry with the main goal of supporting doctoral students who are committed to serving the church by becoming seminary lecturers and educating the next generation of United Methodist ministers. The fellowships are awarded on the basis of the students’ academic achievement, intellectual excellence, commitment to Christian ministry, clarity of spiritual purpose, and promise of usefulness in teaching careers.

The fellowship is named for Rev. John Dempster, an innovative preacher and a pioneer in United Methodist theological education, who is credited with founding of Garret Biblical Institute (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary) and Boston University School of Theology.

For an overview of the Dempster Graduate Fellowship, please visit http://www.gbhem.org/ministry/dempster-graduate-fellowship

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