Tasting the Roots of Western Civilization: An Environmental-Historic-EnoGastronomic Journey through Italy’s Cilento region

Ascea, Italy, SUMMER 2015

Apply by February 1, 2015

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Course Selection

Students will enroll in ITAL 383 – Short-Term Program Seminar: Italian Culture (4 credits)

Requirements Satisfied:

Breadth: Interdisciplinary, Breadth: Humanities, Diversity: International, Off-Campus Experience, Italian minor and special major

The unique structure of this program offers the possibility to become acquainted with one of the most fascinating areas in Italy, allowing students to discover and explore the “Magna Graecia” using a strong experiential approach. Teaching will be connected to multiple areas of inquiry (literary, historical, geographical, ethno- anthropological, gastronomical, and cultural) aiming to provide students with the tools to evaluate the modern world through the study of Western civilization.

Classes will be held at the Fondazione Alario per Elea-Velia ONLUS – Ascea, Italy (near Salerno).


Program Directors

Dr. Emanuele Occhipinti, Associate Professor of Italian and Chair of the French and Italian Department, will supervise and coordinate all educational (teaching, syllabi, tests and final grades) and extracurricular activities. He will always be available on site to ensure students’ general welfare.

Dott.ssa Vincenzina Esposito, Deputy Directory of the Fondazione Alario in Ascea, will coordinate and supervise all activities. She will always be on site to ensure students’ general welfare.

Program Cost




A completed application including an on-line faculty recommendation is required. You must be in good academic and disciplinary standing from the time of application until the end of the program. For additional information contact Professor Occhipinti eocchipi@drew.edu



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All applicants are automatically considered for either a need or merit-based scholarship just by submitting an application. There is no other form that they need to complete. The scholarships range from $600 to $1000.