A special major in Italian is composed of courses that you choose from a variety of subjects

At Drew University, students are offered the opportunity to design their own Special Major, and with a precedent of many Special Majors in Italian in the past, you can create and design your own major in Italian easily—and in as few as 15 courses!

You can choose courses from a variety of interesting and academically stimulating areas of studies—and the strong interdisciplinary nature of Italian Studies, combined with the diverse range of studies offered at Drew, lends itself to designing a Special Major that is just right for you! You can choose courses from departments such as Italian, Art, Art History, Music, History, Classics, Political Science, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Humanities, Comparative Religion, European Studies, and even English!

A major in Italian can be completed in fewer than 2 courses per semester!

A Special Major in Italian can be as large or as small as you want—you can complete one taking fewer than two courses per semester! This leaves ample room for a minor, two minors, or even a second major. If you’re still indecisive, the Italian major itself provides opportunity to study a broad range of academic subjects. Here is a small sample of some of the courses you might choose:

  • Art History 303: Italian Renaissance
  • Classics 232: History of Ancient Rome
  • Religion 240: Dante: Hell, Heaven, & Florence
  • History 105: Medieval Europe
  • English 278: Literary Translation
  • Humanities 206: Humanism & Cultural Studies
  • Linguistics 101: Language, Communication, & Culture
  • Philosophy  352: Philosophy of Language
  • History  335: Early Modern Europe
  • Art History 302: Medieval Art

Here you can find the Special Major Guidelines and the Proposal Form

For more information, contact Prof. Occhipinti eocchipi@drew.edu