• Prof. Marie-Pascale Pieretti, French Department.
  • Prof. Marie-Christine Massé, French Department

Pre-departure component (Spring 2007)

Profs Pieretti and Massé ont organisé une réunion d’information en novembre 2005.

Les participants au DIS 2006 doivent être inscrits dans un cour4s de français pendant le printemps de 2006.  Le cours peut être FREN 30 ou un cours plus avancé suivant votre niveau.

Pre-departure component:  Nous nous réunirons chaque 15 jours pour disucter des projets de recherche et commencer notre orientation du programme en Provence.
Dates des sessions de pre-departure:

On-site Seminar (May  – June  2007)

In Aix-en-Provence, we will stay with families, giving us a priceless glimpse into French culture and allowing us to practice our French daily.
Le marché d’Aix (en panoramique)


During our visit to the Festival de Cannes, we will stay at a hotel in Juan-Les-Pins

In Paris, we will stay at a centrally located Youth Hostel.

Re-entry component (Fall 2007)

Students can meet with their research advisor and must complete their projects by the end of September.  A small gathering will be organized around October 10th during which students will present their findings to the rest of the group.  The research projects are to be written in French.