The French program at Drew seeks to provide students with all levels of proficiency in the French language, and to offer them in-depth study of French & Francophone literature and culture.

We have a very diversified curriculum in French and Francophone studies that includes popular culture, cinema, business French, and literature ranging from the seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries. Our instructors are either native speakers or have lived and studied in French-speaking countries for extended periods.

Conducted entirely in French, our language courses make extensive use of a vast array of multimedia tools that foster intensive student participation. Our culture and literature courses are interdisciplinary and focus both on the French and Francophone worlds. For non-French speakers interested in French studies, we also offer several courses in English (French and Francophone Women Writers and Francophone Literatures in Translation).

Most majors and minors study in France or in a French-speaking country for an interim, a semester, or an entire year. This year, for example, we are leading a summer language program in Paris. We also have an active Francophone Student Association. Its activities include film festivals, lectures, and field trips to New York City.

Contact information: Prof. Marie-Pascale Pieretti, Chair, French & Italian Department, Embury Hall Drew University, Madison, NJ, 07940 Phone: (973) 408-3506. Email: