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Welcome to the Department of French and Italian at Drew University! Our department aims at enhancing students’ global perspectives and experiences both through our courses on campus and our study abroad programs. We cover all levels of proficiency both in French and Italian and we have a very diversified curriculum. Our courses, taught with multimedia tools, are entirely conducted in the target language. We also offer several courses in translation with an interdisciplinary focus. Our professors are either native speakers or have lived and studied in French and Italian speaking countries for extended periods. We offer a major and minor in French and a special major and minor in Italian, and we strongly encourage study abroad.

In French, our courses include the study of popular culture, cinema, business, and literature ranging from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. We offer a summer immersion program in Paris and have taken students on Drew International Seminars in Martinique, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence and Tunisia! In Italian, our courses include culture, cinema, business and literature with a focus on the modern and contemporary period. Students have the possibility to spend a semester in Italy or participate in our summer immersion program in Orvieto or in Cilento.

On campus and off-campus, our students can lead or simply participate in activities organized by the Association Francophone and by C.I.A.O (Cultural Italian American Organization) to practice their language skills outside of class. Our French and Italian clubs organize community activities (conferences, films, music, and exhibitions), film screenings, lecturers with international guests, and field trips to New York City to attend all kinds of events related to French and Italian culture.

Major/Minor Requirements & Course List

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