A Few Words about Choosing a Private Educational Loan Lender…

After exhausting all opportunities available from the federal and state aid programs, many parents and students will consider private loan programs as a source of funding. As always, taking on debt for any reason should be done deliberately and only for the amounts needed. If you plan to borrow a Private Educational Loan, you will need to select a lender. The lender is the institution from which the money is actually borrowed.

All lenders are not the same. It pays to make an informed decision when selecting a lender. You will be entering in a long-term relationship with the institution. Reasons for selecting a particular lender vary from person to person. Some choose based on name or brand recognition or reputation. Others prefer the immediate benefit of below-market processing fees. Still others are interested in borrower benefits in repayment, like an interest rate reduction as a reward for making consecutive on-time payments. We encourage families to use the lender and the loan product that best meets their needs.

To assist students and parents in this decision, the Office of Student Financial Assistance at Drew maintains a list of “Suggested Lenders.” This list, which is intended only as a guide, is provided to help students and parents choose a reputable lender with a reliable educational loan product. These lenders have been included based on:

  • Quality of service provided to Drew students
  • Competitive interest rates and repayment terms, zero/low fees
  • Electronic application processing and fund delivery
  • Long-term commitment to educational financing
  • Diversity in lending options

TruFit Student Loan
Lender: Citizens Bank

Customer Service: 1-800-708-6684
Interest Rate Information & Application

NJClass Loan

Customer Service: 1-800-792-8670
Interest Rate Information & Application

Smart Option Loan
Lender: Sallie Mae

Customer Service: 1-877-279-7172
Interest Rate Information & Application

Our Suggested Lenders are evaluated continually for their efficiency in processing, accuracy and customer service.

Please note you are not required to use one of these lenders. If you choose a lender outside of Drew’s Suggested Lender list, please feel free to contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 973-408-3112 or finaid@drew.edu, and we will be happy to assist you with any lender of your choice.

As part of the application process, students will be required to complete the Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form available through their lender’s website. Students may also obtain a Self-Certification Form from the link below. Information needed to complete this form, such as cost of attendance, may also be obtained from the link below while estimated financial assistance may be obtained from the student’s Treehouse Account.