1. File the FAFSA by March 1. Go to the Forms page for a description of these forms.
  2. Once Drew receives your FAFSA, your financial aid counselor (go to the Staff page to find out who your counselor is) will determine your eligibility for Perkins loan funds and will award them to you accordingly.
  3. A Financial Aid Award Agreement will be sent to you.  Be sure to sign and date the top, indicate in the columns at the bottom the amount of the loan funds you want or do not want, then return this form to the Office of Financial Assistance at Drew.
  4. Once we receive your Award Agreement, we will indicate to Drew’s Student Accounts Office that you are interested in receiving these loan funds.  The Student Accounts Office will then email you instructing you where to go to obtain the certification forms and a promissory note after the semester has begun.
  5. Once you sign and return these forms to Drew’s Student Accounts Office, your Perkins loan funds will be credited to your account.