Revised August 2015

The Drew University Travel Card is a Visa Corporate credit card intended for use by employees who are regularly engaged in travel and business entertainment (T&E) activities. The Travel Card is the preferred purchasing option for travel, lodging, meals and related activities. The Purchasing Card will no longer be enabled for T&E related purchases.

The Travel Card is designed to empower University personnel to allow direct purchase of approved T & E requirements from suppliers which accept the Visa charge card. This program provides a quick and easy option for travelers while reducing the expense related to the generation of purchase orders and checks. Cardholders may make charges up to $2,000 per transaction and $10,000 per month (alternate limits may be established in special cases when requested by a Vice President or Dean). Prospective cardholders and their supervisors are expected to read and understand this policy as well as the Drew Travel and Business Entertainment Policy before making application for a card.

Who Can Use The Drew Travel Card?

The Drew Travel card is available to employees who regularly engage in travel or business entertainment activities. Applications require the approval and signature of the appropriate Department Head, Dean and Vice President.

What Constitutes Travel And Business Entertainment?

For the purpose of this policy travel shall be defined as any authorized business activity which involves transportation, lodging, meals, registration fees and related incidental costs incurred when conducting business while away from campus.

Business entertainment is defined as activities involving food, beverage, gifts or social events. Legitimate business entertainment is directly related to university endeavors such as fund raising,  alumni relations, admissions, recruiting and hospitality conducted by employees specifically charged with these responsibilities.

Using Your Travel Card

  • Purchases may be made in person, through the internet or by telephone. Exercise caution whenever giving card information to an internet supplier.
  • It is the cardholder’s responsibility to ensure that purchases are made within the limits of the department budget.
  • The monthly cycle for Travel Card activity ends on the 27th of the month.
  • Advise the supplier that Drew University holds a New Jersey Sales Tax Exemption (22-1487164). This number is on the face of your card.
  • Never give any information concerning your card to anyone who calls or sends you an email.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, call PNC Bank IMMEDIATELY (800) 685-4039 and The Purchasing Office (973) 408-3307
  • To activate your new card, follow instructions on the label which is on the face of the card. Use the last four numbers of your employee ID number as an activation code.
  • Any time the travel card is used, the cardholder is required to submit an expense report to accounts payable within thirty (30) days of month end.

Cardholder Accountability

  • Maintain a log of your transactions such that all information required for your expense report is readily available. You should make an entry immediately after each use of your card.
  • Copies of your receipts must be kept with your record.
  • Statement copies will be sent to cardholders. Statements should be reconciled against cardholders’ log.
  • Contact suppliers directly to resolve problems or errors.
  • A properly completed expense report must be submitted within thirty days of month end any time your Travel Card is used. Original receipts must be attached to your expense report.
  • An E-expense report is being developed and will be available to Travel Card cardholders in the future. Log-in access for tracking and reporting purposes are also in development.
  • Failure to submit an expense report as required will result in immediate suspension of cardholder privileges.
  • Charges not substantiated on a timely expense report will be considered personal expenses and the amount of the unsubstantiated charges will be deducted from the cardholder’s pay check.
  • Charges which are not in compliance with the Drew University Travel and Business Entertainment Policy will be considered a violation of University fiscal policy and the amount of such charges will be deducted from the cardholder’s pay check.

Travel And Business Entertainment Policy

  • Your card may be used for authorized travel, lodging, meals and business entertainment. Cardholders are required to review and understand the Drew University Travel and Business Entertainment Policy before using their card for transactions of this nature.
  • In the case of any Travel Card transaction, the cardholder must submit an Expense Report to the Accounts Payable Office within 30 days of month end. Example: any expense incurred in the month of October must be reported not later than November 30th.

Restrictions Concerning Use

  • The Travel Card is for Drew University business use only. Use of this card for personal purchases, even if there is an intent to reimburse, is a violation of University Policy. Violations of this nature may result in disciplinary action including termination of employment.
  • The Travel Card may be used only for authorized travel and business entertainment in accordance with the Drew University Travel and Business Entertainment Policy.


  • The University Controller will conduct audits to ensure that cardholders are keeping adequate records and abiding by the provisions of this policy and the T&E policy.
  • University auditors will examine Travel Card transactions and supporting expense reports.
  • Violations of this policy will result in immediate suspension of Travel Card privileges.
  • In cases of extraordinary circumstances, employees will have the opportunity to discuss violations with their Supervisor, Dean, Vice President and the Finance Office.
  • Travel and Business Entertainment expenses, which have not been documented on a properly-completed Expense Report or have been charged in violation of the Travel and Business Entertainment Policy, shall be considered personal purchases and the amount improperly charged will be deducted from the cardholder’s paycheck.

Responsibilities Of The Cardholder

The cardholder is responsible for any purchase made with his/her card. Cardholder is expected to read and understand this document and to fully understand the policies and procedures established to support the Travel Card system. Additional responsibilities include the following:

  • Complete a Travel Card Application Form with appropriate signatures and submit it to the Purchasing Office.
  • Carefully read and sign the Cardholder Agreement which is part of the application form.
  • Keep your card on your person or otherwise secured at all times.
  • Ensure that the card is used only for University business and within established University policy.
  • Inform the supplier that your purchase is exempt from sales tax.
  • Limit your purchases to items valued under your card transaction limit.
  • Limit your monthly purchases to your monthly expense limit.
  • Keep complete and accurate records required for your expense reports.
  • Surrender your card immediately upon request by authorized University personnel.
  • Submit an Expense report within thirty (30) days of the end of the month any time you use your Travel Card.
  • Keep informed by regularly checking policy updates which are posted on the Finance & Business Affairs and Purchasing web sites.

It is the responsibility of each cardholder to keep a record of critical information concerning their card. This information includes card number, transaction limits, monthly cycle limits, default account number, activation code and bank telephone number. The Purchasing department does not have immediate access to this information.